Fashionable Moments of Tina Turner

Tina Turner, one of music’s most gorgeous divas, passed away at the age of 83. The “Proud Mary” singer, had some of the best fashionable moments both on and off the stage. 

Her solo career move was aided by a collaboration with famed costume designer Bob Mackie, with the sensual leg-baring on-stage outfits marking her new key period and propelling her to success. 

Let’s celebrate Tina’s life through the best moments she defined her own fashion. 

20 Moments Tina Turner Defined Fashion


Tina Turner Fashionable Moments 5
Photo: Redferns

Tina, wearing a houndstooth suit and sunglasses, performed during a recording of the television show “Ready Steady Go!”.



Tina Turner Fashionable Moments 5
Photo: Disney General Entertainment Con

Turner wearing a gold sparkling dress with a hip-high slit. This later becomes her signature style.



Tina Turner Fashionable Moments 5
Photo: Getty Images

Performing on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in a gold fringe mini dress. The Ikette dancers sported matching pink versions.



Photo: Crollalanza/Shutterstock

Tina performed in a plunging white dress with a fringe skirt.



Tina Turner Fashionable Moments 5
Photo: CBS/Getty Images

Tina on “The Sonny and Cher Show” wearing a glittering silver gown. With this outfit, she makes a good connection with Bob Mackie, the costume designer for Cher at the time.



Tina Turner Fashionable Moments 5
Photo: Sygma via Getty Images

Turner wore a Mackie-designed sheer bodice corset bodysuit with a heart over her crotch for a performance in Las Vegas.



Tina Turner Fashionable Moments 5
Photo: Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Tina sporting a three-piece white suit and matching fedora.



Tina Turner Fashionable Moments 5
Photo: Gai Terrell/Redferns

She wore the Mackie “flame dress” which is emblematic of Tina’s onstage persona. RuPaul and Beyoncé have worn recreations of this dress as a tribute to her.



Photo: Charles Knight/Shutterstock

Performing in a tassel-covered garb.


Photo: Bill MarinoHip-high slits and metal mesh outfits were loved by Tina.



Photo: Media Press/Shutterstock

Tina in a completely sheer bodysuit.



Photo: Alan Davidson/Shutterstock

Turner in an edgy leather top and pants performing on stage.



Tina Turner Fashionable Moments 5
Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Floral ballgown at her 50th birthday party.



Photo: Eugene Adebari/Shutterstock

The superstar wearing a lattice cami dress created from pearl-style beading with a matching string necklace.



Photo: Shutterstock

Little glittering black mini dress.



Photo: Startraks/Shutterstock

Tina in a silver gladiator mini dress in New York City



Tina Turner Fashionable Moments
Photo: Andre Csillag/Shutterstock

Tina at age 56 on the stage at Wembley Stadium, London, in a Versace slip dress.



Tina Turner Fashionable Moments 5
Photo: Paul Drinkwater/Getty Images

Tina Turner performs on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”



Photo: Brill/Ullstein Bild/Getty Images

Latex corset and knee-length tights, with tons of chain belts for her Twenty Four Seven Millennium Tour.



Tina Turner Fashionable Moments 5
Photo: Getty Images

Tina wears a silver version of the Latex corset and knee-length tights while performing with Beyoncé at the Grammys.



Photo: Walter McBride/WireImage

Giving a speech after the opening night of “Tina – The Tina Turner Musical,” in New York City, wearing a beautiful brown sequin dress.


What do you think? Tina was indeed ahead of the time, wasn’t she?


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