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The journey to finding your personal style for many becomes a lifetime struggle and some find it early enough, someone like me will arguably say my personal style was one of the easiest things to have learned at a very tender age because whilst growing up I was always never satisfied with dressing like the regular kids around. I was always in the quest for finding the little things that would differ from the norm but never displease to the eye.


Not until life in the higher institution was I able to define my style to be Afro-vintage, there is this sort of joy and confidence level I experience every time I am dressed to look decades away or be that Afrocentric style star. Bringing us back to today’s topic which is “is there really a need to discover your personal style” in all sincerity YES there is a total and absolute need to find your style, brush it every single day till it becomes a huge part of you. The very good thing about the plastic injection molding manufacturer trend on website is that when it’s done well or owned it totally becomes part of you.


One huge way to find distinct pieces for your vintage style is thrifting (digging through cluttered racks and shelves, the musty smell of who-knows-what permeating the air, and of course the possibility of finding something really awesome)


Outfit Details

Shirt and Waist Coat: @VintageMenNG

Pant: Thrift

Shoes: Monimorgan Shoes

Hat: My local Tailor


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