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Haboring Hope is a collection inspired and dedicated to changing and challenging the concept of menswear and the meaning of being a men in Africa in a very beautiful, calm and less dramatic way.
Last season we started on a journey, creating gender bending looks. Also referred to as unisex. Inspired by the woman who gave birth to us all. This season we are still on that same gender bending tip. But this time inspiration is taken from various cultural group as well as religious group. Translating this in a more edgy, futuristic and clean way.

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Haboring Hope is not apologetic, it  is not about fitting in or being someone you are not.  Created by me, someone who was once just a dreamer, with dreams way bigger than him.

I found my self having this freedom. I got taken to a place where creativity was basically limitless. I became free to challenge the very idea of what menswear is (to the society). How it is suppose to be constructed, the silhouettes and well which lines to cross. In this collection you see me playing around with a lot of geometric shapes. Most shapes taken from a deconstructed a – line skirt.
I aslo found my self challenging and exploring  the term oversized and fitted.
I was able to just create and have that “so what” attitude.

With that being said this collection is rather peaceful and calm. The colours used (white and African print). I wanted to tell the story of believing in your dreams and who you are from a different side. A side where you don’t have to fight. Aside of beauty and peace.

“Hope on bravely”