Issey Miyake’s top life works

Issey Miyake, the Japanese designer who did Steve Jobs’ popular turtleneck, wasn’t popular and critically acclaimed only because of that. During his life on earth, he worked on other amazing stuff as well. Let’s look at some of the top designs. 


Pleated leggings (June 2019)

Model: Rianne Van Rompaey
Photographer: Theo Sion 


Pleated tunic (December 2018)

Model: Freja Beha Erichsen
Photographer: Jamie Hawkesworth


Sleeveless pleated turtleneck (March 2014)

Model: Tian Yi
Photographer: Rory Payne


Cobalt Cardigan (May 2022)

Photographer: Scott Trindle


Fringed bikini (July 2001) 

Model: Angela Lindvall
Photographer: Corinne Day 


Cap and Swimsuit (March 2022)

Model: Nour Rizk
Photographer: Felicity Ingram


Grey wool coat (September 2021)

Model: Gemma Chan
Photographer: Hanna Moon


Fuzzy knitwear (October 2020)

Model: Ariish Wol
Photographer: Harley Weir 


Eveningwear (April 2005)

Model: Erin Wasson
Photographer: Carter Smith


Sandals (March 2017)

Photographer: Colin Dodgson 


Source: British Vogue

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