Leopold Seyram Kwao Fiercely Look On The Runway

Leopold Seyram Kwesi Kwao is a 22-year-old fast uprising model working with Passion Exhibit Agency, born December 10th 1995. Growing up he watched his role models slay runways and commercials and he said to himself,’ that will be me one day’.

Recently graduating from the Regent university, marketing school, Leopold sees himself improving his branding as a model and helping other models in Ghana and Africa at large.


He said ‘models are not very much appreciated and recognised in this part of the world both by the masses and pilots of the industry. Model and their agencies strive and work tooth and nail for the jobs and shows but its rather unfortunate Africans turn to want everything for free hence sometimes pay little and nothing for services offered, which is very sad.’

‘you see we need to create an industry we can be proud of and call our own. I am a model because I have passion for fashion as a medium to propagate the message of Africa as a land full of rich culture, diversity and creativity. I want the fashion game changed and taken to a whole new level and I envisage Africa being hailed as one of the romantic places in the world as everything is fashionable just like Paris is now but I really can’t do that alone, we need to build this dream together as an industry and family. We need to offer value for money, that’s why costing is a core part of every economy. I believe in the spirit of African fashion, I love African fashion’ he said when asked about the challenges faced in the African fashion setting as a model, what he thinks about it and where he sees African fashion in some years to come.


Leopold S.K Kwao has worked with quite a number of designers like Epic Mode, Bushai Weave to which he is a brand ambassador, Figs fashion, Abrantie The Gentleman, Jant’s collection, Kustom Looks, Vankere, Kamsticharles among others. Though Leopold is still getting familiar with the Ghanaian fashion situation, he is a talented model who puts in his best into his fashion shows such as the Glitz Africa Fashion week which is considered one of the highest showbiz platforms for fashion in Ghana, the Mercedes Benz Africa Fashion Festival, Accra Men’s Fashion week, Nigeria Men’s fashion week, The Pearl Amoah Fashion Show and many others during his enviably short stay in the industry.

Quite a number of people call him the King of Runway as they say he slays the runway like a god. I don’t know what you think of him but if you ask me, I would say the title suits him just fine. Allow me a moment of pettiness as this is a professional reportage but I think Leopold torments every girls fantasy of a Greek god kind of model, a sexy representation of a god runway specie; an epitome of male perfection. Leopold Kwao is the right model to hire for any professional job to improve your brand and sell your products as he combines his academical knowledge and field skills to give you exceptional results. He says he has one principle and slogan he lives his life by. This is ‘just believe’.

Here’s a peep into the just ended mercedes Benz Africa Fashion Festival where your runway king slayed against all odds.


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