Living The Lifestyle Of A Top Model

         Modelling has turned into a standout amongst the most sought after career. If you have the attitude, the looks and the confidence, nobody can prevent you from making an impression in this field. This is the career which guarantees fame, distinction and money in a period of time.   The following tips will help to take care of your body, health and living the lifestyle of a top model.


We either have normal, oily, dry or sensitive skin. While a beautiful skin can be achieved regardless of the skin type that you have, customising your skin care routine to your skin will ensure that your skin looks as good as possible. Once you determine your skin type you can choose the products that best suit your skin. Wash the face every morning with salicylic acid cleanser and keep face moisturised. As a model, you will have makeup on and off your face during fashion week or a show which can be tough on the face so use a lot of moisturiser and masks to rejuvenate the face, mask are more relaxing. Using a gentle face scrub twice a week will unclog the pores and before going to bed use a makeup remover to remove your makeup, we recommend “DERMALOGICA’S FOAM CLEANSER”


Wear clothing that makes you feel your best. Pick out a group of outfits that make you feel good and stick to them. If you live where there are seasonal changes, divide the clothing into seasonal choices. Keeping a wardrobe of fewer but higher quality clothes can help you to feel and look better and save time on over-thinking daily clothing choices. Have your own style and wear what you want to wear don’t always wear trends until you actually like it. Wear colours that make you look good; pair clothes with accessories and don’t be afraid to experiment.


Know what’s best for you and invest in good makeup supplies. Know your skin tone and use colours that complements you. Learn new techniques. Don’t get too heavy with it, heavy makeup may look good in some cases but most of the time it looks cheesy. Eliminate under-eye circles this can happen to be due to lack of sleep so make sure you get enough sleep. Keep your hair clean always, healthy and even has a shine to it. Try to steer clear of many chemicals; get rid of oils and don’t go for wild colours unless needed. Avoid hair gels, they may look good in some cases but in general, it doesn’t hold well.



Eating healthy diet is very important for keeping yourself healthy from inside. Lack of balanced diet will affect the look from the outside also. Aspiring models must try to cut out the saturated fat off their body and should avoid starving in order to get a slim figure.  Eat enough fruits and foods containing fibre. It’s difficult to eat healthily during fashion weeks so if you are too busy to eat, to keep you hydrated,  drink plenty of water and orange juice for vitamin C. Getting the appropriate exercise on regular basis will help you in staying fit and healthy and also in maintaining your body in shape. Swimming, jogging, and walking will also be beneficial if you do not get the time to join a gym.


First have confidence in yourself, Love who you are, never compare yourself to others because you are different. Be yourself and though you have fears be brave but not stupid. You are different; why fit in when you can stand out!  Be kind and not to judge a book by its cover, be outgoing and not afraid to make friends. Keep the smile on your face always. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try new stuff. For older models, attitude is a big key, it gives an aura of class and for the younger girls, ‘fresh’ is the trend. Do not slouch when walking and keep eye contact.


One of the advantages of being a model is the travels.  Travelling is by far one of the most glamorous and exciting aspects of the modelling business. But more than simply exotic locations as the beautiful backdrops for photoNshoots, international travel teaches so much about life that one would never have known had it not been for modelling. When you live in your country throughout, you get caught in your own world but with travelling, you experience different cultures, religions, languages, work ethics, table manners, customs, food, etc. What travelling does for you give you a framework from which to understand that people may be different from you and  SO, therefore, you have to keep an open mind.  You make new friends along the way, go to beautiful cities, enjoy the beaches, romance, the foods, wine and advantages of speaking different languages.

NB: Models must make a good effort to keep their look perfect. Taking care of the face, hair, nails, teeth, smelling good; gesture and posture are equally important. Sound sleep, intake of plenty of water and avoiding smoke is the most important habit which models should follow.


By : Annthouannette


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