It may seem quiet queer for men to carry around  clutches or totes but would you ever love to see your man add on extra weight just because he has this sweet fitting pants and his mobile phones charges , call cards etc wont let the pants or trousers projects its’s beauty . Like a woman’s clutch, but less feminine. Or perhaps not. Although apparently, on the streets of Asia , triad gangsters carry designer man-clutches stuffed full of money. Originally popularized by most a list celebrities , the man clutch can be used to carry fashion show invites and not much else; certainly nothing bigger than an iPad Mini. 51gC3x+giBLIt’s often mistaken for a wash bag, creating the impression that you’re looking for somewhere to brush your teeth.

Well men clutches are becoming a phenomenal vogueness  in the fashion scene . yes I’m a big fan of tote,man-bags and clutches .it’s always that fashion assert that makes bold statements during fashion events or regular day cocktail hangout with theme style connoisseurs

A clutch can be a good choice, especially if you want a bag smaller than most messenger bags or brief cases. It can usually hold more than a jacket pocket, and doesn’t have any shoulder straps which can clash with an outfit. Unlike a tote, it is held high above the ground so it can be more held closer to the body (useful in crowded areas).

You should probably grab a man – bag ,clutches or totes when next you go on a shopping spree.see inspirational images on how you can werk them good good bags.


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