Men’s Guide To The Below The Belt Grooming (Downstairs)

Next to the popularity of beards, the removal of body hair also known as MANSCAPING especially in the pubic area is another grooming trend and these are some reasons for this- trends in porn, pressure from partners and oh the acclaimed ‘optical inch’ pubic hair removal supposedly provides, however I believe some men just prefer the way it looks and feels. Did you know that a survey by Gillette showed that 92 percent of women prefer a man with a tidy trunk line? (I know I do,  lol)

In fact, a whole industry has been developed around keeping men’s ‘downstairs’ clean and fresh so grooming below the belt isn’t an eyebrow-raising oddity but rather a practice you should probably consider taking up. Yes you, the gentleman reading this.

Do you have concerns or questions you’ve always wanted to ask about the ‘down below’ grooming but were too timid to ask? Well here is everything you wanted to know.


A light trim is often all that’s needed to neaten pubic hair, but if you prefer an altogether smoother look, and are using a razor to achieve it, trim the hair back first with a specialist device like the Philips Bodygroom or Wahl Body Groomer. Any of these will make shaving much easier and safe.


If smooth balls are what you sought after, splash them with cold water before shaving so skin is taut and less vulnerable. Use a transparent shave gel like (Gillette fusion clear shave gel) so you see where you heading and make sure you use short, gentle strokes and for the sake of your balls, please make sure you are sober! Afterwards, apply an unscented aftershave balm just as you would after shaving your face.


If you just want to trim pubic hair rather than shaving it all off, the be sure to also trim stomach and chest hair to a similar length to keep things balanced.


To reduce the risk of itchy re-growth, you need to get into the habit of shaving regularly. If your worry is about unsightly spots forming after you shaved, try using an antiseptic spray like Outback Organics or Elemis Tea Tree S.O.S Spray.

Chafing, caused by skin rubbing itself can occur everywhere from the buttocks to the armpits, also the groin is a prime area. You are especially susceptible if you are sport man and, if you’re prone to perspiring a lot as sweat can make things even worse. Using Sudocream Antipseptic Healing Cream is the best way to soothe chafing.





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