Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival 2017 SETS OFF THIS JULY

Similar to the nature of the fashion world and art in general Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival strives to remain dynamic. Our experiences (both successes and failures) continue to condition us for greatness. We at Global Ovations organizers of the Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival harness this experience with each passing year and use them as tools of our metamorphosis.

Despite our consistent effort to reinvent Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival our goal,however remains the same. We still endeavor to create a strong platform for African designers and fashion enthusiasts to showcase their talents. This year, we plan to further expand this platform by putting emphasis on making connections in both the figurative and literal sense.

In the literal sense, our goal this year is to create and strengthen links between fashion industry professionals. We plan to do this by first affirming the importance of our fashion industry professionals. These are society’s risk takers, the visionaries that see through different eyes and shout what others merely whisper. These are the go-getters that take our wildest imagination and make them a reality through photography, style and design. These are the professionals that empower us to express ourselves unapologetically. Secondly, by creating networking opportunities, we plan to give fashion industry professionals the opportunity to empower each other. This will be through showcasing and sharing ideas, experiences, struggles and triumphs.

Figuratively speaking, this year we plan to showcase the intricacies of the stories that our designers share through their work. We wish to celebrate how these artists translate their experiences into tangible works of art through the use of fabric. We want to hear the stories behind the pieces and the driving forces beyond the needle and thread.

This year MBAFF is ‘linking the Fashion industrial professionals’. Join us as we make another history with designers, models, photographers and all fashion industrial professionals across the world in July 21st to 23rd 2017.

Designers and sponsors who wish to showcase should send their applications to  or log on to

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