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‘Metamorphosis ‘ An Autumn -Winter Couture 20/21 Menswear Collection

‘Metamorphosis ‘ An Autumn -Winter Couture 20/21 Menswear Collection

Sourced from light elements, attention to details and a self-reliant fabrication process, WEIZ DHURM FRANKLYN presents a menswear collection ‘METAMORPHOSIS

The collection addresses the time, effort, and stories of delicate masculinity. Suited for the modern-day groomsmen, the designer equates the need to have the same passion and enthusiasm given to the bride’s garment as men though touchy about their need also want to have feelings addressed. ‘METAMORPHOSIS’ is about giving attention in detail, every single detail is created by hand, even though it looks and feels like a print, it’s all done by hand.

“I’m trying to make them wear emotions because most times we get to wear what we feel. “

                                                                                    WEIZ DHURM FRANKLYN


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WEIZ DHURM recounts experiences in womenswear designs and creating techniques that best blends and identifies with the design thinking process.  Using a photography element of ‘stroboscope’, the designer infused elements of vanishing technique and bending two fabrics together. The creative use of stroboscope and fabric manipulation created a movement with layering shadows.

WEIZ DHURM FRANKLYN is a Nigerian couture line, known for its unique blend of African heritage, with a modern elegant twist. The brand is most identified by its collections and designs crafted with elegance to give the ultimate experience to its clientele.

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