Celebrity Birthday – Michael Ealy Turns 43 Today

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Award winning actor is 43 today.Mostly described as a the ladies man and most at times on the low side.Starred in movies like the barber shop,the perfect guy and about last night.He never disappoints when it comes to putting costumes together although he may not be acknowledged as one of the best well dressed men.
We celebrate a genius. Long live Michael Ealy long live Hollywood.


1. His guilty pleasure is watching Ice Loves Coco
“I don’t know why,” he says. “It might be because they have a bulldog named Spartacus, and that’s just genius.”

2. He’s an excellent painter… just not the kind you think
Have a room you need painted? Michael Ealy’s your guy. “I’m actually very good with Home Depot-handy type of paintwork,” he says.
3. He’s a self-described ping pong “Zen Master”
The Maryland native loves ping pong so much he has a personal paddle named “Ram Jam.”

4. His wallet reads “Bad Mutha F***a”
Yup, just like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

5. If he wasn’t Michael Ealy, the actor, he would be…
“An educator,” says Ealy, who got his undergrad degree in English with dreams of becoming a college professor, “like Cornel West.”

6. He’s currently reading…
The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. “And no, I’m not planning to read 50 Shades of Grey,” he jokes.

7. He almost quit acting to get a “regular job.”
Ealy spent five years working as a waiter in New York City before getting his big break in Barbershop in 2001. “There were times where I’d feel like, ‘I’m a waiter. I’m not an actor. I’m a waiter,” he says of the nights he’d go home with a litle over $30 in his pocket. Aren’t you glad he got his big break?

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