Michael Kors Buys Off Jimmy Choo At 1.5 Billion Dollars

In 1994, the brand Jimmy Choo was launched in London and since then has proved itself worthy in the line of designers for the fashion industry with over 150 stores all over the world, providing the fashion needs of the world in terms of bags,, shoes and other accessories. Sadly, the brand Jimmy Choo has opted out to produce consumer goods.

Unfortunately for Michael Kors, a leading world famous designer brand who took the opportunity to console Jimmy Choo with a whooping 1.5 billion dollars, and unfortunately for the sad lovers of Jimmy choo, this sale lest quite a number of hearts broken but Michael Kors promises to give the world his best.

He even went on to appraise the Jmmy Choo brand as ‘ an iconic premier luxury brand that offers distinctive footwear, handbags and other accessories. We admire the glamourous style and trendsetting nature of Jimmy Choo designs’.

Michael Kors invested 1.5 billion dollars into Jimmy Choo beause he believes it’s a brand that would serve as a multiplier for his other investments.

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