The Mid-Night Haute

Final Project Task
Theme – Midnight Haute

Inspiration – Aphrodite

Colour Scheme – Black and Gold.

At the end of Fashion Boot Camp 2016,students were tasked to create a Midnight Haute collection Inspired by the (Aphrodite)
Goddess of beauty, pleasure and procreation using different Textiles materials to express Sexuality.

mid night haute12

photography @60seconds_photography

Art Direction @NuelBans

Student Designers
Location @ primitive Church

Moses Ackon And Manuel Nana Kwame Ofori ( Mahalia’s Look)
Josephine Appiah (Esey’s Look)
Alice Obeng (Yayra’s Look)
Irene Dzifa Gadagoe ( Dawson’s Look)
Priscilla Manu Ansah (Lawrence Look)

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