Must-have Heels for Every Lady 


It’s true that a woman can never have too many shoes. To fit diverse lifestyles and events, we’ve gathered the finest options in a range of heel heights and designs. 


Whenever you need powerful heels, reach for stilettos. All body types can wear stilettos because they elongate the leg. Stilettos can be worn for a sexy daytime look and a night out as well.


Spool Heels

Birthed in Europe during the Baroque and Rococo eras, the spool heel’s name comes from the way its hourglass form resembles the spool of an antique spinning wheel.


Kitten Heels

Every few years, kitten heels are at the top of trend lists; it’s as if they have nine lives. kitten heels and booties with a heel height of 1.5 inches or less are fantastic choices if you’re used to wearing flats. You can go for kitten heels if you anticipate being on your feet for a while as well.


Cone Heel 

The cone heel is distinguished by a wide, delicate tip and a small, firm base for a stable stand. Cone heels come in a variety of heights and can be worn with any style of heeled shoe. This heel design is classic and adaptable.



Pumps are, in essence, timeless. They usually have simple designs, no fasteners, and low-cut uppers. What is their usage mainly? Particularly in corporate and creative settings, pumps provide beautiful elevations to give any outfit a more polished appearance.



Wedges are elegant and practical, and they offer a reliable alternative. For various situations, they come in a range of styles. Leather and studded wedges are ideal for the evening, and ankle-strap and sneaker wedges are fantastic for wearing during the day.


Block Heels

Block heels are some of the most comfortable shoes to wear. They have strong, noticeable heels. Current trends include lucite block heels, shoes with stud accents, and footwear composed of contrasting materials. There is a range of them, from ankle-strap sandals to ankle booties with block heels.


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