Note cosmetics brand officially launch in Ghana

Note cosmetics brand officially launch in Ghana

After its extraordinary journey around the world, in just a few years since its global launch in 2014 in Paris, the cosmetics brand inspired by its passion for living, the adoring colours and notes of nature itself, NOTE make up has officially landed in Ghana on the 3rd of November 2018. The glamorous launching event held at Holiday Inn Hotel, Accra, was attended by the beauty and fashion trendsetters, entertainment guru as well as makeup lovers of Accra.

NOTE cosmetics are entering the Ghana market in collaboration with SILVERQUEEN COSMETICS, a fast-growing luxury cosmetics supplier in Ghana. The business which is located location at OSU has achieved an extraordinary level of success by leading such a prominent brand, NOTE to Ghana in such a short time since its establishment.  In his speech at the brand’s official launch, the Managing Director of Silverqueen Cosmetics, Mr Marwan Saouda expressed his high anticipation for the brand to be a successful addition to Ghana Market in particular and West Africa in General.

The NOTE launching event on Saturday, November 3rd 2018 was adorned with a live demonstration of the versatility of the Makeup brand for different occasions. Impeccably put together makeup show was demonstrated to the audience through models and runways that wowed viewers. Audience and cameras were glued to the stage when the startling models walk through the crowd depicting corporate casual look, bridal and evening wear shows as well as stunning swimwear and samba style makeups.

Ghana’s musical rising star Cina Soul entertained the audience with her sensational performance and serenading vocals that suite the night. The show kept a dazzling audience with captivating sax performance by Mike Sax, as well.

The launching event also gave the audience the chance to test the products and experience firsthand feel of iconic face makeups, shimmering powders and exquisite lip products that NOTE is known for. The audience was quick to notice the high-quality lip care products on display, especially the MINERAL COLLECTION which consists of vitamin E and coral Seaweed, a natural mineral, from deep inside the ocean. It protects the skin from dullness, helps relax the skin, produce energy, cellular regeneration and maintains the molecular and cellular integrity of the skin. In short, it is the perfect combination of skincare and makeup product and the audience was mesmerized by this new line of make-up product.

Care for nature and it’s environing has been one of the core values of NOTE Makeup brand. The company’s marketing and Sales Manager Berk Aslan said addressing the audience at the Launch. He added that NOTE is exceptionally known to run a paraben free (free of compounds used as a preservative in cosmetics products), giving much more guaranty to its safety. The audience was also much happier to learn that the production of NOTE is free from the animal cruelty of any kind, which respects the values of various cultures across the globe.

The NOTE launching event was a mega success not just for the brand and its sole distributor Silverqueen Cosmetics but to all participating beauty and makeup retailers and makeup lovers across the nation. Now More than ever, Ghanaians have ample choices to suit their needs, because NOTE has landed.


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