NUNA COUTURE ‘FULA 18’ ( Style Lounge 2018 Collection Presentation )

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collection this year titled ‘FULA 18’…the language of the Wodaabe people. In the Fula language, woɗa means “taboo”, and Woɗaaɓe means “people of the taboo”.

This is sometimes translated as “those who respect taboos”. This collection will inspire people from all around the world to remain true to their roots and reference the taboos of their culture from which they were hewn whilst striving to find their place of balance in today’s ever-evolving world.

The brand believes that you don’t have to lose yourself in your quest for balance or acceptance and that our cultural taboos are a sacred trust passed on to us by our ancestors and we ought to uphold their virtues.

Name:                          NATHANIEL NUNOO

Brand Name:            NUNA COUTURE  

 Instagram:                 nuna couturegh

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