Paris Fashion Week: Feng Chen Wang Spring/Summer 2025

“The porcelain luster remains the same, and the sun and moon are new again.” Time, like an invisible artisan, weaves the texture of years.

Feng Chen Wang, bound by a love for ancient artifacts, draws inspiration from their detailed textures and craftsmanship. Her Spring/Summer 2025 collection captures the essence of ancient artifacts, integrating natural rhythms into material and silhouette design. Ceramics and redefined fabric textures reflect the natural cracks in handcrafted clay, merging contemporary and futuristic elements.

Bamboo, a brand signature, is handwoven by artisans into light lines, creating a tranquil, natural realm. Traditional fabrics like cloud silk and fish roe resist-dyed fabric are incorporated, blending the tones and essence of Chinese painting with modern rhythms.

Unique footwear features crackled glaze elements of porcelain, refreshing the UGG Tasman shoe with new life. Debuting this collection is the “féng” label, symbolizing the brand’s respect for traditional sewing techniques and progress towards higher craftsmanship.

Every stitch tells a story, awakening ancient memories and blooming in the present. Through time, each encounter and experience shapes a new journey.

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