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Passing Through By crazinisT artisT ft My Dear Fagot

The community of art enthusiasts has slowly been growing for years as it was evident in Gallery 1957 latest exhibition at the Kempiski Hotel. Featuring Anglo-Francophone Ghanaian based Artist Ve-Bene Elikem Fiatsi also known as crazinisT artisT, in Passing Through ‘ Acts of Radical Empathy’.

The exhibition is engages a series of visual and performative transitions that form part of his sequel from 2017 themed ‘Rituals of Becoming’.
The current exhibition which was collaborated by Fagot Koroviev offers us a window into Fiatsi’s durational performance where for the past five years been dressing and presenting himself as a woman on a daily basis.

The exhibition features and array of images and controversial installations.

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