As voters head to the polls on December 7th to elect a new President and 275 Members of Parliament, here are some personal safety and precautions to observe when voting


  • Ensure you carry your voter ID card before departing your home.

The voter ID card is the only accepted form of identification that enables one to vote in Ghana. Make sure you don’t forget to carry your voter ID when you are leaving home to avoid any inconveniences.


  • Avoid wearing clothing with political inscriptions that may give you unwanted attention.

Also, avoid bringing political paraphernalia such as flags and nose masks with political parties’ logos on them. It is illegal to do so. Just keep in mind, voting is not the place to show who you’re voting for that’s supposed to be between you and your ballot.


  • Avoid wearing clothes that attract heat.

Opt for lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothing. Flowing garments allows air circulation and light-colored fabrics reflect light and heat. Opt for lightweight, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothing.


  • Observe all Covid-19 protocols.

Wear face masks at all times and wear some kind of eye protection, especially if you are around others who aren’t wearing face masks.

Social distancing is very important. Keep at least six feet of distance from other people. You may want more space if you’re in a poorly ventilated area. Don’t forget to sanitize hands at steady intervals.


  • Avoid engaging in political discussions at the polling center.

These discussions could easily turn violent. It’s also against the law to stand in the voting line and discuss the candidate you are going to vote for in the election as you might be influencing other voters.


  • Leave polling station after casting vote

It is advised that you depart as soon as you are done casting your vote. There is no need to hang around when you are done casting your vote. It is sensible that you leave the polling station quietly after casting your vote. You may decide to return to the polling station after 5 pm when voting is done to witness the vote counting.


Follow these personal safety and precautions to ensure an incident free voting process. What other personal safety and precautions do you have in mind?

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