15ghanaian fashion from the 60s

At the present time, Ghanaian  fashion  has gone through a series of drastic change from the 1960s till date .The 60s fashion could be more colourful , forward or laid-back, tailored or relaxed, designer or tie-dyed it was a smorgasbord of styles. It was a time of political and social unrest and nothing portrayed those conflicts more clearly than the fashion. During those days fashion was seen as a social class of perception which especially men took advantage off  , meaning one can tell how powerful , rich or poor a person is  in the society just by the look on the outside45ghanaian fashion from the 60s

 In the heart of Accra was indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events of Ghanaian fashion from the 60s  over the weekend at the conference Centre ,Ghana hosted by Auntie Oboshie .The event  brought together  fashion players in the Ghanaian fashion industry  to experience and learn from the contemporary fashion presentation .In exhibition were top and emerging fashion brands in Ghana  with the likes of AFRIKEN NOVELTY ,ANANDA FRY ,NAYAK AFRIK,ABRANTIE THE GENTLEMAN,TONY BLACK COUTOURE,CHEZ JULIE CHAPTERONE CLASSICS , BOHTEN ,AYA MORRISON SARAH CHRISTIAN just to mention a few .

Accordingly the Creative Director of Auntie Oboshie in an interview  stated that fashionista gh now Auntie Oboshie meaning  (the first female born child ) started for about five years ago  to promote Ghanaian fashion to the world  .He also shared his gratitude towards the turn up of the event .

Generally speaking, the event was a good one for it first edition with lots to learn ,socialize and have fun .Usually an exhibition would not take me more than 3-5 hours at the venue but this time ,i stayed to the end of the event to see what’s next and we are hoping to see more of African arts,music and dance as a side attraction in the years to come .kudos to the team !

44ghanaian fashion from the 60s


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