The Revolution Of Ghanaian Fashion

HISTORY OF GHANAIAN FASHIONThe history of Ghanaian fashion dates back to the pre colonial era where the indigenous Ghanaians used to cloth themselves on hides and skins of animals and also with leaves and bark of trees.It then developed to the use of wax print and dresses with which dyes were extracted from plants and animals were used in the production during the period of colonization by the colonial masters.

Globalization has played a major role in the overhaul of Ghanaian fashion .Ghana,with an estimated population of about 27.4million people over the past few years have witnessed an immerse rise in fashion.The revolution of Ghanaian has been described as a fast rising one.Culture as a whole has made it possible in the identification of individuals from various sectors within the world.A major contribution to culture is fashion.

The gradual rise of Ghanaian fashion have been made possible with the help and efforts of organizations and individuals who have and are still contributing a quota to help raise the industry and put Ghana on the map.

There is dynamism where certain pieces that was worn by our forefathers our still in existence but worn in a modernised way making fashion timeless. There is the showcase of cloths made right from Ghana at fashion events. All this and more help sell Ghana.

Ghanaians have come to embrace of textile products showcasing them in different style.There is also the acceptance of the western way of dressing.The revolution of Ghanaian fashion can by far said to have met the stated needs of individuals in and out of the country.

A collaboration editorial  between DebonairAfrik and Ca creative of college art was put together by their students to illustrate the revolution of the  fashion industry . At the end of Fashion Boot Camp 2016. Students were Tasked to create and innovative designs Inspired by their favorite Fashion Icons from all over the world.

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