Russian Influencers Are Destroying Their Chanel Bags, But Why?

Angry Russian influencers are tearing into their Chanel bags, and this may seem like an upcoming trend. But why would anybody buy such expensive bags just to destroy them?


DJ Katya Guseva who has half a million followers on Instagram said “Bye-bye, Chanel” as she cut into her black and gold handbag with a pair of scissors.

Another influential personality, a model with more than 9 million followers on Instagram, Victoria Bonya also tore into her beautiful black Chanel handbag. Uploaded the video on Instagram, she captioned it “Never seen any brand acting so disrespectful towards their clients as @chanelofficial”.

Well, what did Chanel do to deserve this negative trend on its name? The brand has confirmed that it was halting sales of its clothes, perfume, accessories, and other items to customers who were intending to use the products in Russia. This was a response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Already, Chanel has shut its stores in Russia, and it isn’t the only brand to do so.

Do you think Chanel made the right move and are the Russians justified for destroying their bangs?

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