Santeria ,A religion that rose from Yoruba doctrine

When it comes to fashion the color white has held sizable symbolism signifying purity, newness, and the spiritual. Santería, the religion that rose from Yoruba doctrine, Roman Catholicism, and the indigenous peoples of the Americas, uses the color to recognize initiates as they work to ascend ranks. From the past pain of enslavement and foreign lands came prayer, and a transatlantic retention turned into something reverentially unique.

Photography by Mariano Vivanco for
Creative Consultant – Stefania Alafaci
Stylist – Jimi Urquiaga
Hair – Joey George (Streeters New York)
Makeup – Niki M’Nray (The Wall Group) using Nars Cosmetics
Nails – Mei Kawajiri
Video – Kloss Films (Brydges MacKinney)
Digital Tech – Marcus Donates
Photo Assistant – Tomas Hein, Mario Torres, & Tyler Kufs
Stylist Assistants – Noah Diaz & Jonathan Clizaola
Hair Assistant – Rena Kobayashi | Makeup Assistant – Riley Kate Nelson
Models – Ajak Deng, Alicia Burke, Achok Majak, Duckie Thot, and Saul Rodriguez

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