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Let’s play a game! Name one food or beverage made of one ingredient.

Clueless or you got one? Making it in one of the most competitive industries – the fashion industry – is not a formula of one ingredient but two. Hard skills (also known as technical skills) + soft skills = a pack of value.

The technical skills which mostly have to do with craft mastery are the first pack of ingredients screamed in our faces to be set right but the foundational skills which hold the whole meal together – the soft skills are left to be learned on the job. 

What are soft skills and which ones are most relevant to fashion creatives?

Soft skills are the traits that make you a good employer/employee and a certification that proves you’d be a great fit anywhere. To be most relevant in the industry, these soft skills coupled with hard skills should set you on the track of unending success.

  • Communication

How to communicate tasks, responsibilities, and creative concepts to workers, colleagues, partners, customers, or leaders put in charge is well sought after. 

  • Agile

An ability to be mentally acute or think quickly is very needed in this ever fast-growing industry. More than five tasks can be thrown at you anytime even while doing the former but your ability to handle and get them all done at the right time is a plus.

  • Adaptability

Being able to adapt to changes in roles, environment, or technology should be learned. These times we live in presents us with new ways of doing things every day, your readiness and willingness to learn and move us the world moves will make you relevant always.

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  • Collaboration

Two heads are better than one. Teamwork is vital and solid teamwork produces better results. It is important to accept differences, ensure clear communication and be easy to work with, to create an atmosphere conducive to productivity.

  • Social Skills 

With fashion being one of the largest industries, coming in contact with people is inevitable. No matter how big, tall or powerful you are, you should be able to deal with anyone no matter their rank or position. Do you also have to have the ability to handle a variety of personalities?


With these skills in place, your food should be ready for consumption but before you leave, were you able to find that one meal made of one ingredient? Water inclusive. No Cheating!

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