Stir Creativity Series Pairs Accra Based Creatives with Emerging Mixologists

The Art-Tender Tool Swap Video Series is a part of the latest edition of Bombay Sapphire’s #StirCreativity campaign which speaks to the brand’s innate character as a premium gin that brings out the creativity in everyone.

With the Art-Tender series, select Accra based creatives including an illustrator, fashion designer, music producer, jewelry designer, and visual artists engaged in an exchange with some of Ghana’s finest young mixologists, each tasked with using the other’s creativity to design an entirely new piece of art and a unique cocktail.

“Creativity is usually associated with artists, architects, and designers but the truth is that it is something that everyone can tap into. With Art-Tender #StirCreativity, Bombay Sapphire provided a blank canvas opportunity and invited some of Accra’s leading creatives and mixologists to unleash their creativity in unique collaborations,”

 Innocentia Taliwe, Ghana’s Bombay Sapphire Brand Ambassador.

During the lockdown due to the Corona Virus pandemic many visual artists from the Kuenyehia Trust for Contemporary Art and This No Be Art’s network including Deff Art, Ian Quhachi and Negyem Adonoo along with influencers such as media personality, Chris Kata and makeup artist, Sandra Alexdrina created art pieces from home that will be shared on social media promoting self-expression inspired by Bombay Sapphire.

“Bombay Sapphire believes in unlocking people’s creative potential and what better way to do so than by combining art with the art of mixology—an expertly crafted cocktail can be as stimulating as a visceral painting which is the concept behind #StirCreativity”.


Bombay Sapphire has a longstanding association with nurturing creativity and providing an international platform for emerging artists. Episodes of the #StirCreativity Art-Tender Tool Swap video series episodes were shot by Twins Don’t Beg and HWA Studios and will be featured on social media platforms. #stircreativity #raiseyourspirits

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