The Fashion Generation

The era of fashion illustrators has recently become a thing in the Ghanaian fashion industry and the glamour and its contribution to the creative industry  can’t be denied .  Recently our focus was pounced on 18 years old  Stunnin Denzel on our social media news feed . Although getting noticed is easier than ever, there’s tremendous competition, because everyone else is using the same channels to show their work


Meet Francais oduro popularly known as Stunnin Denzel  18 years old fashion illustrator born and raised in Accra – Ghana

fashion generation

Who happens to be the youngest fashion illustrator in the industry.. As spectacular and unique his sketches , He is influence by music  arts and fashion trends .A Look at his sketches, his mood flows through out his work and the trendiness of african fashion and print inspires him to sketch something new all the time .The fashion Generation campaign through his illustration  aims at the recognition and appreciate the works of fashion enthusiastic individuals.


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His fashion illustration  as documented is  inspired  by the likes of Ghana’s own Ozwald Boateng , Peniel Enchil and also the likes of top international fashion brands and entertainers like ralph Lauren,Giorgio Amarni, Beyonce Rihanna  and Zendaya  to mention a few.

hotbob shopping sharingStunin denzel as porpulaly known  describes his  artwork as diverse; from concept art to portraits and fashion illustrations. He added by saying “I am an artiste in general so I do all of them. I haven’t decided to specialize now or anytime sooner. I love adding African prints to my illustrations because it defines me and speaks of my background”

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AS A FREELANCE ILLUSTRATOR  His  aspiration  is to establish and brand HIMSELF as a successful world class artist, a Fashion Designer and to build an Art School/Studio which would admit other artistically inclined people and to establish his own clothing line And also collaborate with fashion houses on Look books and Campaigns


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