The Outlandish Moments From Exquisite Face Of The Universe World Finals 2017

My people, Did you know that ladies from Over 30 countries where in Ghana past weeks gearing up for the World Finals of Exquisite Face of the Universe? A Pageant Originally owned by a Ghanaian? And happened last night Saturday 16th September @ the National theatre?You didn’t know – Don’t lie!

You didn’t know – Don’t lie!

Now, we all know Pageants like Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Supranational amongst others, move from country to country every year for the world finals, well this year, the 3rd Edition of the Exquisite face of the Universe Happened in Ghàna, yes, aren’t we so proud of our country?

You wish! please remove that smile from your face cos what happened last night wasn’t something to smile about.
Also, when will Ghanaians finally understand what MC or Show hosting is?
Don’t we have Google anymore? Wikipedia? Or if they’re too dumb for the internet what about Oxford Dictionary? I’m sure they must have heard about a big book with millions of words and their meaning. I wish I won’t have to repeat this again from Miss International Ghàna but Sister Deborah Eyram ( Miss Earth Ghàna 2015) and BACI of Ghana’s most beautiful, I am most highly and extremely with deep passion and shame, DISAPPOINTED in both of you….. How did you girls even win your pageants? You couldn’t even make the dresses you were wearing proud, I’m sure if those dresses could walk and talk, u both will be left naked down to your dross on stage. EYRAM pls your accent needs holy water, go find some and drink a lot of it. You were too raw, sounded too local and dead on stage. Madam, you had the chance to host an international pageant with eyes from other countries watching and you couldn’t do us proud? Please if you’re looking for anyone to host your show STAY AWAY FROM EYRAM, at least I have to give BACI credit cos she was really struggling to come back to life on stage, you could see her swimming like a desperate chicken in the cold sea, but Dear Baci, your performance was just too Fake to be True, Facial Expressions, Body language and the words coming out of your mouth were just contradicting Each other, you even forgot we have to pray before starting, then they brought a Black Male Talking Drum to come save you, girls, but instead of show hosting the was show bombing, with his unfinished suit.
Oh yes, and Exquisite Face of the Universe Organizers I don’t want to be cliche but in a gathering of people with diverse cultures competing if you’re gonna pray in a Christian way pray in other religion too cos to me, there’s a bit of racism there. Let me leave the MCs for now and move on but EYRAM it is pronounced EMBASSY not EMBAZZI – Read your books sometimes and you’re a host you don’t tell the contestants to “hurry up” whilst your on stage that’s “Bushy”.

Moving on, the opening of the show was colorful, the girls face were colorful too, some of them but not in a good way, you bring white girls to be made up by makeup artiste that has never touched white skin in her life, she doesn’t even have anything white in her house, the hairstylist could not even work with the girls hair, they just looked beautifully tired. And Miss Ghàna hmmmmm, Ghàna just keeps looking for my trouble, Host Country what sort of Pubic hair looking wig struck by thunder did you put on your contestant’s head? MAKEUP ZERO – HAIR ZERO – DRESS please what part of Makola? You made top 8 but to me, you didn’t deserve, Miss São Tomé and Principe outshined you in every sense of the word and deserved to be there, but I wasn’t surprised she didn’t get to Top 8, welcome to Ghàna where cheating abounds.

30minutes technical issue, not surprised, we use to it, Projected Video introduction of the contestants was cracking, MC takes forever to come out and we are left in the dark with an empty stage like we are in some kind of House Arrest, or should I say Theatre Arrest lol. And Ghanaians need to learn to cheer more and stop laughing when something like this happens, what message are you passing, laughing at other foreign contestants on stage, I think it was very uncivilized and Dumb, pls those guys who were sitting behind grow up, grow in sense and not just armpit hair!
Moving on, Talent Segment was great But Ghàna didn’t perform though I guess you know why……Do you? Ok let me help you – She Has No Talen. Hahahahha But Hey, One Corner Dance? Really? I enjoyed it though, that short crazy moment of one corner freedom saved the show and everyone from dozing off, especially the Talking Drum MC and Model Serafyna’s Performance on stage, anyways thanks, Mr DJ.

At the end of the seemed to be Neverending Pageant, they found their clock and decided to crown MISS USA as the winner, INDIA and PAKISTAN as runner-ups respectively. They crowned about 6 people on stage that night though, Eco tourism queens or whatever, but that’s what happens when you really don’t know what you want in life hahah.
And you needed to see the Sash Presenter, don’t hate me but she looked like a ritual material that was rejected by the gods of Ayetoro Village, i bet her sight can kill an unborn baby, Even the dress change after presenting the first set of sash didn’t help her matter, hahahahahahah, Na Joke I dey o! Lol

Anyways, In General, it was an interesting event and A well-deserved winning, following trends with Miss Universe Ghàna Fair win, Not the Committee of Bribery pageants like MIss University Ghàna, Miss UWAD and the rest, who after cheating makes it look like Jesus died for their nonchalant iniquities. A Soul that needs to learn needs to learn, that’s only if they can read hahahahha. I’m out!

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