These Cool Dechase Boots Were Made In Addis Ababa

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Inspired by a journey between the metropolitan cities of Addis Ababa and Amsterdam,
Dechase is a contemporary shoe brand that merges diversity, sustainability and African
heritage into its core brand ethos.

TD leather boots is now DECHASE, the made in Africa brand which produces high-quality
footwear in Ethiopia is committed to change the world of leather products from Africa for
the world. Missioned to becoming a sustainable style-forward footwear brand, the unisex
and timeless brand creates a variety of leather boots and shoes that last forever.

‘’A lot has changed since the start of TD leather boots in 2016, a journey that started with
just me evolved into a network of like-minded people and international organizations
dedicated to working on high-quality footwear made with the finest Ethiopian materials.
Inspired by my Ethiopian heritage and the many travels and creative people I came
across, we decided to make changes that reflect how we want to move forward;
becoming part of global and meaningful style for the next generation’ says founder
Tewodros Dechase.

For the past 3 years, the brand has been building a solid
foundation of contemporary products, characterized by craftsmanship, quality and a
Sustainable process. Standing at the front of the future of fashion by partnering with MVO
The Netherlands for the Green Tanning Initiative project and joining forces with leading
Organizations such as Solidaridad and STAHL. Solidaridad and STAHL both seek
innovative ways for sustainable tanning initiatives to produce leather that cuts down on
using chemicals, energy, water and salt.


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