Top 5 Female Style Bloggers in Ghana

Not so long-ago we have seen a stable rise of fashion and style in Ghana. Although fashion was already in existence in Ghana with our beautiful’ Kaba and Slit and Duku’, our colorful kente among others for our women, now in the age of internet and the very popular ‘Instagram’, fashion and style is now on a whole different level. I am yet to meet a lady who isn’t going the extra mile to be trendy and stylish. Some ladies however have made careers just out of being stylish and creative. Below in no particular order is a list of the top 5 female style bloggers in Ghana you should follow for your “daily dose of style”.

Afua Rida:

This beautiful lady is a skillful stylist, producer and fashion consultant. Her style is influenced by her Ghanaian roots and more than often manages to pair the traditional with the modern. She exudes gracefulness in any gown or dress. She has worked with many celebrities and other clients. When one visits her blog they are not only given a dose of style but, tips on how to put together outfits that look good for formal or casual events, runway stories and some very helpful DIYs’ to have your own style.

Christy Ukata: http:

Christy Ukata. She is a style blogger, TV Producer, Presenter and Actress. Her website which is a combination of blog and vlogs reflects who she is when it comes to fashion and beauty. Her style is chic and androgynous.

Akosua Vee:

Violet Bannerman Quaye is a fashion blogger, stylist and corporate worker. This exceptional lady looks good in almost everything she wears. With careful and unexpected combination, she gives a feminine touch to outfits you never dared to wear. She is the stylist for most celebrities you see. Follow her for tips on current and style updates and where to purchase a particular outfit for occasions

Hayet Rida:

The plus size model, stylist and blogger use clothes to celebrate her love for herself and her life. Her style is bold and diverse. Each photo is perfectly curated and shows that trends of today look exceptional on women of any size. She is an inspiration to all the curvy and big bone ladies who are constantly trying hard to find outfits that’s just perfect for them. She proves there is a lot of fun to be had in fashion. She is all about positive energy while influencing our style choices.


Tracy Jamilatu Iddrisu:

When it comes to giving daily style updates empress Jamila dominates. The award winning style blogger has a weakness for looking fabulous and spectacular. She has styled countless people in fashion and entertainment industry as well the corporate and social circles. Her style is polished, effortless and sophisticated. Following her is definitely the way to go.

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