10 African Fashion Influencers to Check Out on Instagram


Instagram has become one of the go-to social media platforms for showcasing and documenting our everyday looks. It is also one of the most effective tools in capturing, inspiring trends and promoting fashion and lifestyle.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that celebrities and fashion influencers are partnering with various fashion brands to maximize this advantage.

However, we all can agree to scrolling endlessly through Instagram at one point for that inspiration for a style idea or pieces to buy.

Because of this, we have scoured and deep-dived into the endless list of fashion influencers to round up 10 African fashion influencers you should follow for creative styling ideas and add some freshness to your Instagram feed.

Top African Fashion Influencers On Instagram 

Asiyami Gold (@asiyami_gold) 

Asiyami Gold - African fashion influencersBeing a creative director, it is no wonder Asiyami Gold is such an adept visual storyteller. Captivating, stylish, and always debuting a new and exciting look, Asiyami always pulls off any look and in any outfit. 


Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm)

Wisdom Kaye - African fashion influencersImaginative and uniquely stylish with an incredible individual sense of style and drawing inspiration from the 1970s through to anime, it is no coincidence Wisdom is known as Tik Tok’s best-dressed guy. You will definitely find his account addictive. 


Tejj Aduu (@tejjtheblogger) 

Tejj Aduu - African fashion influencersNothing reeks of confidence than a plus-sized woman in a figure-flattering outfit and that is exactly what Tejj does! Be it casual, athleisure, or glamorous look inspiration, Tejj has definitely got you covered and will have you double tapping.


Shannon Flanders (@shannonxvii) 

Shannon Flanders - African fashion influencersShannon Flanders literally speaks street-style fashion. His Instagram page easily passes as the go-to street style fashion catalogue.


Nana Agyemang (@itsreallynana) 

Nana Agyemang - African fashion influencersNana just puts the icing on the cake when it comes to minimal fashion. Her feed is easy to follow, with vibrant colors that give an aesthetically pleasing minimalistic vibe. You will without a doubt find yourself searching for an exact outfit.


Momo Boon Vivant (@boon.vivant_)

Momo Boon Vivant - African fashion influencersNot only does Boon have an amazing sense of fashion, but he also does know how to captivate you with his artistic and aesthetically pleasing color-themed pictures. You will definitely be on his page for a while!


Chinyere Adogu (@the_real_chi)

Chinyere Adogu - African fashion influencersNeed that chic, eclectic, and schmancy fashion inspiration? Head over to Chi’s Instagram page. With an aesthetically laid-back style, you will definitely want to recreate her every outfit. And oh, she wears pink every Wednesday. 


Mirian Njoh (@miriannjoh) 

Mirian Njoh - African fashion influencersHer style? Versatile, experimental, and vibrant. If you are one who loves to play and be creative with your looks and love trying something new, we suggest Mirian. You will be captivated by her colorful and artistic infusion. 


Johnson Gold (@johnson_gold) 

Johnson Gold - African fashion influencersJohnson Gold is definitely the one to follow for that high-end street-style fashion. The founder and editor-in-chief of PAUSE Magazine will surely impress you with his impeccable street style fashion which comes in handy when searching for that inspiration.


Lerato Kgamanyane (@lerato_kgamanyane)

Lerato Kgamanyane - African fashion influencersIf you are looking for that high glamour and chic infusion fashion style inspiration then Lerato is the one for you. Effortlessly stylish, Lerato has a unique style with an absolute love for bold color dresses stylishly ensembled on her Instagram page.


Closing the curtain…

There you have it. Top African fashion influencers who majorly do their influencing jobs on Instagram. You can check them out for inspiration and bring variety to your styling and wardrobe.

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