Top Ten(10) Uprising Models to Watch in 2017

Modelling is becoming one of the fastest growing careers in Ghana at the moment. It can be categorised into two main parts,  fashion and editorial. We interviewed some of our top ten up and   coming models to watch in 2017 on what they think of modelling, why they chose it as a profession, their expectations, dreams and aspirations, limitations and some of their best moments as models.In no particular order, we present Top Ten(10) Uprising Models to Watch in 2017 in no particular order .


model-issue-debonairafrik-com09Elsie Frimpong is 19. She is a music lover, enjoys movies and hanging out with people who make her comfortable. Currently studying human resource management at Ghana Technology University College. Modelling has been something she always wanted to do and sees herself as unique from the others. She’ inspired mostly by other competitive models. “They push me to do more and think of ideas I would never have thought of had I not want to be the best”, she said

To dream is to have control over your life and have the awareness of doing better than others all the time and her dream will be to be one of the best models in the world by portraying that being the ideal person is not about beauty but it’s art. She wants to inspire people through her work and to make history.  She also said her ideal goal now is to get her face recognised that clients rather come in for her and not the other way round. She started this career not long ago and for some few months now, have progressed in a sense that she isn’t shy wearing certain clothes anymore and her confidence has really been boosted which includes handling criticism well.

When it comes to food, she says eats everything (but doesn’t mean just anything) and it doesn’t affect her physical appearance in any way. For working out, she skips twice in a week and because of how skinny she says she is, she doesn’t have work out daily. Her unique features are her eyes, cheekbones, sweet face and long legs.

Being a student she has limitations when it comes to being always available to work as a model so technically she is currently a part-time model. And talking of limitations she thinks it would be going to the extent of being totally nude and also being with an agency they’d have to approve gigs.

Glitz is one the most revered fashion shows in Ghana and as she was new to it, anxiety and nervousness were killing her. The first day was an exhilarating experience for her because she pulled through but the second and third days were thrilling as felt more like her, bolder and confident.



model-issue-debonairafrik-com06Andy QuarmAmpoe is the name a young black boy from West Africa, Ghana. Modelling has been a passion for him since infancy. It gives him a general knowledge about fashion and will want to see himself recognised in Ghana and in the world.

He takes 3 square meals daily and works out at the gym 4 times a week to keep the body fit. Playing football, basketball, rapping and listening to music are some of his hobbies. He said as a model, his height, complexion and facial features make him attractive to clients.

His passion as model keeps him inspired and In addition to this he also has some great models like (PRINCE IB) he looks up to. His aspiration is to be a professional model and one day manage his own modelling school and agency.

His first time on a show to walk on the runway, he had this fear and voice nagging at him while the backstage that he was going to fall down on the runway. But by God’s grace, he did well on his first appearance on stage.


model-issue-debonairafrik-com04 David NiiOtooLartey, 21yrs. He is about 6.2ft, dark and Bald.

There were many influences that went into him selecting this career field. One of his early mentors was DjimonHounsou. He influenced him a lot by watching and trying to learn from him; he also had most of his friends telling him he has some similarities to him. One major influence he said is his love for clothes and Fashion in general plus his height.

Importantly,  model education is very key because every model must go through training which is essential for learning how to walk on the runway, how to dress well to programs; how to talk and relate well with others and last but not the least the education helps one to know about other top models and learn about the fashion industry both locally and internationally.

He has many goals in this career but will talk about just a few. First of all, he wants to become the king of the runway. Secondly, working hard to get to Hollywood, he is aware these goals won’t come easily but he believes with hard work and God on his side he will make it. Lastly, growing up wasn’t easy and not having it all, he will like to come up with an NGO that will help the less privileged.

He eats nutritiously, works out three times a week and hobbies includes; playing soccer Games, listening to music and watching movies. His greatest asset is his striking facial features and high cheek bones

By watching the top guys in the industry both locally and internationally it makes him want to do more to get to their level and even better. He has no limits and doesn’t have any boundaries just want to be treated right and fairly. ”Am free anytime just go through the right channels you will get me, am not hard to find.”

Being on Glitz Africa Fashion Show is a memorable experience.

img_20161217_190758 Buadu Nana Akwesi  Agyemang from Ghana, I’m 22 years of age, also a final year student of Central University reading Human Resource Management. Dark in complexion,  Height is 185.5cm and  hobbies are swimming, dancing and watching movies.

Modelling is an art to show talents to the world by the use of facial expression, a presence of mind and even one’s way of dressing. He is interested in modelling as a career because of his unique looks.

Nana Akwesi said it’s very significant to seek knowledge about the career before making advances. Model education is equally relevant as it teaches you the right things to do in order to build up your career and the things not to do.

First of all, is to build an encouraging model portfolio with reputable international photographers that will suit the international market. Secondly, is to display or advertise notably fashion clothing. Thirdly, to serve as a visual aide for people who create works of art.

He sees himself actually blowing up, not just in his country but to the African continent with his great facial looks and strong enriched dark skin he is confident that is what fashion is about now.

Living a healthy lifestyle is one thing he does not comprise on. His policy is, eat less junk food and take in more fruits and vegetables. He works out throughout the weekdays and also gets enough sleep.

“I’ve got myself a wonderful rich natural dark skin colour and a very strong face which is my marketing tool that will make clients book me.”

Inspired by the young talents in the modelling industry who have contributed reasonably through their exceptional works, talk of Myself, Victor Ndigwe,  ManniKwen, Davidson and so on.

As a model, it is his dream to become an ambassador for one of the biggest brands in the world such as Nivea, Adidas and Apple. It is also his dream to be featured in top magazines around the world like GQ and Vogue Magazines.

He does not have limitations, however, he takes into consideration the organisers of the gig, the amount being paid, and then how best the gig can help build his career.

For his availability, once everything is communicated to him through the right channels, he is always ready to make things happen.

My memorable moment will be the day I was awarded the Most Promising Model of The Year.


uthmanUthman Issa Bangura, a Sierra Leonean model who lives in Ghana and is interested in modelling as a career because he gets to travel around, meet people and to make the good income.

Modelling education is important to him because it helps greatly in portraying himself to the public.

His goals are to walk in New York, Milan, Paris and London fashion weeks, be on New York Time Square, and to be the face of Versace.

“Am seeing myself progress at a faster rate and I so love it”

Yes! he does eat nutritiously and he works out every day!

Travelling, surfing the internet, reading and listening to music are some of his hobbies he told us. His face is the unique thing about him to sell him to clients.

And stays inspired anytime he thinks about how he quit a Ghc1000 monthly paying job for modelling. “Thinking about my goals that I have few more months to achieve, how far I  have come within a year and a half and getting emails, DM from young models that are getting inspirations from my works etc, keeps me going, ” he told us passionately

He has a limitation which he usually runs through with his Manager UchennaOkwudima and he gives him advice on what’s the way forward.

, “We are in the modelling business for fame and fortune. As long as it pays well and I will be happier after the job, I certainly will accept it.”

When asked about his availability as a model he said, to be 15minutes early before in any approve appointment.

His memorable experience as a model is being the first booked Sierra Leonean and Ghanaian base model to walk the Lagos Fashion Week Runway.

sandra-headshotSandra Lora Orobiyi is from Equatorial Guinea, 20 years old and a business student.
Modelling has been her passion since she was 13 years old. She started modelling back in her country by joining one of the best designers in her country for photo-shoots. Later, she came to Ghana and got the best training and skills at Gold Model Agency.

In society, everybody finds a place where they fit, being a girl and 6.1 ft was a bit difficult growing up. She got interested in modelling when she realised that it’s the only place she can embrace her body structure and love herself even more.

“People think being a model is just taking pictures and post them on social media, but I believe that in modelling, education is very essential and that’s the first step that a model needs before getting exposed to the industry. There are so many factors that make a person a model beside the beauty and the body, it’s also the knowledge you acquire about the industry” she said.

Her goal as a model is to be an inspirational speaker. She will like to use the modelling platform to reach out to people. She believes life is hard and sometimes we need a voice that will remind us how worthy we are. She sees herself as one of the unique models because of her stature and personality.

she is actually really lazy but because of her body goals and her health, she tries to work out as much as she can and she also said her nutrition is really important especially the quality and the quantity. I believe in “we are what we eat” were her exact words. She also adds a lot of water to her routine, she drinks 5 litres of water every single day to help her skin, her weight and also digestion.
She loves to read so much, she thinks she is addicted, she went on to emphasise on how
Reading helps her to understand the world.

She is not a conformist; she always wants to upgrade her level. Waking up every day and realising she is tired of being in this situation makes her feel she really needs to work harder to get to the top.

She wants to be a role model, not just young ladies but also grown people being male or female, old or young. She wants to be an expression of self-love and self-esteem.

As a modeL, she doesn’t have limitations in her career but she has a standard she keeps.  She went on saying she just doesn’t do things for fun or passion but also things that will educate

For her is 24/7 I always have time for modelling and she always has time for the people that believe they can express art through her.

The most amazing experience for her was when she was in a studio for a test shoot and when they were done the photographer said to her:
” your pictures speak for themselves and your facial expression is not just beauty, it’s a story that has a connection with your eyes.
“That day really marked my life because I want other people to see the story.”

screenshot_2016-11-03-09-33-41-1Catherine Nyaniba Apenteng, 22 years of age and from Aburi in the eastern region. She is final year student in the university of Ghana studying geography and dance. She thinks in this world, to excel in life, one has to be passionate about what he or she does. She loves modelling and it’s the one thing does that makes her feel confident about herself.


She believes modelling is like every other career and without the right information or education, will be difficult to achieve your aim.

Her goal in modelling is to become one of the top models in the country and world at large and also become a Victoria secret angel in the near future.

”Although I don’t like eating, I’m very particular about what I put in my system. So I’ll say about 95% of the time the food I eat is nutritious and also I am a sports girl so working out is an everyday activity.” .

Her hobbies are watching movies, listening to music and swimming.She believes in excellence and perfection and so she puts in all the necessary and even extra effort to achieve that in whatever thing she does. Aside modelling, one other thing she is very passionate about is helping children with heart diseases especially hole in the heart. She said when she is able to achieve her aims in modelling, it will be easier to generate funds for these children and knowing that one future leader’s life can be saved by her keeps her inspired to do her best.Her dream as a model is to become an angel.

When choosing a modelling gig, the first thing she does is to request for the concept and the role as the model. Nudity is not on her to-do list for now.

Since she is in school and doesn’t have lectures every day, 80% of the time she is available for modelling gigs.

For her, every day is a memorable experience because she thinks this field is an adventurous one and there are new and exciting experiences each day.


img-20160317-wa0015Anthony Okechukwu (tabansio) is the name. A 6.3ft tall Nigerian male model and he specialise in commercial, editorial, runway and underwear modelling.


“Modelling is a very interesting career in my opinion because it allows you to be your true self and it helps to build one’s confidence,” he told us


His goal as a model is to become a familiar face that people can relate to, he wants to make history.

When asked how he was progressing he said Rome wasn’t built in a day, and that he thinks he is doing alright.He tries his best to eat less carbohydrate and sugar and he takes more protein, fruits and drinks lot of water, that’s his little secret he said. He also goes to the gym twice a week and loves to cook, dance, watch movies and make new friends.

His unique quality he said would be his sense of humour and lively spirit. “Lol I am always hyper and there is never a dull moment when Tony is in the building.” Were his words.He stays inspired by keeping himself informed and updated on the changing trends in the modelling and fashion industry. He doesn’t have limitations and When it comes to defending his boundaries or accepting a gig, he

He stays inspired by keeping himself informed and updated on the changing trends in the modelling and fashion industry. He doesn’t have limitations and When it comes to defending his boundaries or accepting a gig, he is  very motivated and a straight forward person so he does what he has to do when he scores a gig and he is always available.

His memorable moments are:

1) When he received a call that he has been selected as the face of Kumasi fashion week.

2) He was selected to represent Nigeria in FIMA, a fashion festival and a top model contest which took place in Niger.

3) When he got selected to walk the runway of glitz Africa fashion week.


MEN OF FREEDOM (2 of 15) Shadrack stone, Ghanaian and lives in Accra, Ghana. Fashion Lover and a sneaker and gadget freak.

He is interested in modelling as a career basically because he love clothes and he is obsessed with all these big brands and he is super delighted to work with them. Modelling is what he has always wanted to do.

Modelling education is very important especially in countries that are yet to develop their fashion industry and therefore thinks modelling education is a necessity.

It has been his aim to work in all the major fashion cities in the world and get featured in the biggest fashion magazines around the globe.

He likes to think he has done quite well for himself but there’s still so much to be done.

He always tries his very best to eat only what’s healthy and works out at least three times a week and he absolutely loves his evening joggings.Hanging out with friends is one of his favourite things to do. He said, “I can call a night out playing snooker with friends a perfect one”. Fiction and drama are his favourite kind of movies.Shadrack looks his best at every casting. Most clients want young and vitalize look so he tries his very best to give them that.Inspiration normally comes from art, anything artistic.

His dream is to be recognised in all the major fashion cities and to be on’s top 50 men list.For him,there are no limitations.If he to decide to accept job offers he mostly weighs the benefits and the requirements and then decides.He is always available

Every gig actually brings a new experience; he can’t really tell which one is his favourite or worst.

Modelling can be fun and exciting but like every profession has it downs, one must be prepared to work extra hard to get to where they want to as nothing good comes easy. Being well informed as well as getting modelling education before starting a career in it is also an advantage

Also while in this profession it is best when one has something on the side they do, either schooling, a part-time job or a small business will do.






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