Vlisco&co Launches In Ghana


Vlisco has 171 years of experience and heritage in designing prints, firstly Batik and then wax prints for Africa.

It has always been inspired by Africa and notably by African women who have bought, traded and worn Vlisco fabrics and who have created myths around the meanings of their designs.

In Vlisco’s design archives there are over 25,000 designs that relate the rich history of African prints. These archives are still every day a shrine for Vlisco designers.

But Vlisco looks for inspiration from tomorrow as well as from yesterday.

And so it launches Vlisco&co.

Vlisco has asked African designers and artists and creative talent to join it to explore the future of African print. How will tradition merge with modernity? How will the old be improved by the new? How can African design inspiration continue to play its role in creating the future?

In December Vlisco hosts two events, in Accra on the 9th and in Lagos on the 16th, which bring together creative people from Africa with creative people from Holland to showcase their new ideas.

Vlisco&co is a cultural evening that brings together young local creative talents who will interpret their own vision of Vlisco designs. The maiden edition in Accra-Ghana presents a fashion presentation by HOUSE OF PAON, USHIE AND KELVIN VINCENT.

This collaboration is set to take place at the Untamed empire Store Ghana on the 9th December 2017. TO ATTEND THE EVENT , CLICK THE LINK HERE …{


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