What Distinct A Fashion LookBook From A Fashion Campaign

Most Fashion Brands confuse fashion campaigns and lookbook. However, this two can be intertwine depending on the concept and content of the campaign and what it is said to achieve.

Recent times, we’ve had designers contradicting their audience or target market with these two words LOOKBOOKS and CAMPAIGNS. In simple words,

 Campaigns are usually done to convey a message or the inspiration behind the collection. They usually entail more details as compared to the lookbooks. Fashion campaigns could be for editorial purposes such as magazine spreads and website features. They are just like fashion adverts. THEY ARE TO SELL THE IMAGE OF THE BRAND.

Lookbooks are mostly done after campaigns are shot for fashion brands. They are simply in nature and usually do not require a lot to be done. With lookbooks, attention is paid more on the clothes and fabrics than the looks of the models and the shoot set. THE ARE TO SHOW NEW COLLECTION FROM A FASHION BRAND.

HAVE A THEME; The message the campaign is to convey, What is your message or story? How do you tend to visualise your idea?

TARGET AUDIENCE: who are your target audience, how do you lure them to love your new collection through your dramatic fiction.

GET PROS INVOLVE IF NEEDED: always involve professionals when putting up a lookbook or campaign, from creative director, stylist, mua and a photographer. They tend to ease your bundle of stress on you as the designer.

CREATIVITY (looking into archives for inspiration): what is the inspiration behind your collection? One must do for every day is to have the ability to read and research to be able to draw great creative and inspiration for your collection.

PLAGIARISM of an entire campaign from an external fashion brand may weaken your credibility of your brand. There is a grand different between inspiration and copying.

MEDIUMS: simply means how you could reach your target audience .could it be websites, magazines, newsletters and TV.



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