Netting or nets is open mesh form of fabric construction, held together by knots or fused thermoplastic yarns at each point where yarns are intersected. There are quite a number types of meshes which may be hexagonal, octagonal, squared or rounded. These may either be course, fine or either of the both. The texture of a net is dependent on the fiber it was produced from. It is significant to know that net clothes are to be handled with care. In the early times, nets were hand-knotted in defined geometric pattern that creates emphasis and brings out what the designer wants portray.

The Chiko collection by Quofi Akotua during the style lounge 2017 displayed a variety of androgynous styles that painted a wild and sexy portrait of men with their garments screaming ‘I’m an epitome of male perfection’.  There were trousers with matching shirts, jumpsuits and long shirts. Some of these had ring-belt chokers and ring bandanas customized and tailored to fit. Ladies, would you like to see your man rock it?

One more question lingers on in most critic minds, the inspiration and concept behind this collection. This collection was inspired by truth and beauty in all things including those that are or seem to be hidden.

Truth in the sense that no matter how concealed a lie is, it would one-day it would be revealed. Lies always have inconsistencies (represented by the holes in the net). The net jumpsuits represent the connection between the elements that make either a lie or truth which is words.

This collection is an epic word in the netting clothing collection as it highlights the relevance of originality and the message it seeks to convey. Sometimes, fashion is not only about the clothing or design, style, elegance or all of the dram that comes with it. Clothes do tell stories, stories that make impact. Quofi Akotuah told us a story of truth in is Chika collection. Spread the word.


Story By:

Prisca W. Abodakpi