Serena Williams Covers Newest Issue of Vanity Fair

The stunning 36 year old award winning tennis player possed magnanimously for Vainty Fair. She graced the cover with her super fabulous  athletic naked edifice of a body with only a matching nude panty, completely matching her skin tone and a string of silver or gold chain bead adorning her waist, she made the Cover Girl.

She had a butt-length french pleat corn row giving us a full side view of all her symmetrical lines of the contours of her body. She could be graced with a crown of an African mermaid. Bold and daring athlete who is proud of her body and position in life.

In the final photo, she wore another nude v-neck gown with her nipples and naval protruding with 3 tiny dotting point prints at the right places. The concept and pose of this picture could have been stolen from the ‘Jesus Christ’. My personal favorite hence I call her the pregnant black messiah.




By Prisca Woedem Abodakpi

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