Go Nude, Elaborate Your Features

The nude look has been a craze for some time. Times change but this look seems to have come to stay. The nude look seeks to give an elegant look using the very light shades of color, especially the colors that match and tone with the skin color or complexion of the one wearing it.

Nude has many shades depending on the one wearing it. Peach may be the nude for ‘the whites’, brown and its other shades may be for ‘the blacks’. Whichever way, nude is beautiful and is a color for everyone.

When you hear nude, what comes to mind? What colors can be worn with nude to create a beautiful effect? What occasions can nude be worn? Would you wear nude for an ideal date? A party? Whatever question is plaguing you, the answer is, nude is got you any day. The only thing you need to be mindful of is, although nudes are ideal for every occasion or event unless there’s a color code for the event, you must know that you the wearer has to be creative enough to assemble your clothes, color shades and accessories to reflect the look you want to achieve.

Here’s a little tip, nude shoes elongate and redefine your legs. It accentuates them and highlights all its desired features and glorifies your legs. Because the shoes are nude, they are not bright in color hence it doesn’t outshine your legs and other features.

Furthermore, most people choose nude looks to prevent drawing attention to themselves. Nude looks are great for the office because it creates a soft beautiful look and an approachable aura around you.

There are a thousand and one reasons for wearing nudes but this is what I think, nude is an art on its own, each person can create it anyhow they want and it will still be beautiful and as nude as they want. Add some color to spice it up if you may, but nude on its own paints a lovely picture.

I will choose nude any day, what about you?

Go Nude, Elaborate Your FeaturesI




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