15 Trailblazing Creatives in Dakar

Senegal has been a creative hub since way before the Independence. Filmmakers, Photographers, Designers, Writers, Fashion Designers. The first World Festival of Negro Arts happened in Senegal, organized by former President and Poet, Leopold Sedar Senghor. Picasso had a show in Dakar, Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker. Many more were in the crush of Dakar creative scene. Djibril Diop Mambety (Filmmaker), Mama Casset (Photographer), Iba Ndiaye (Painter)Dakar was blessed. Today in a contemporary world, Dakar remains the same energy of creativity. Here is a list of 15 creatives framing the creative world of Senegal.


Omar Viktor Diop, Fine Art & Fashion Photographer

 Born in 1980, Omar Viktor is definitely the most famous fine art photographer in Senegal. Omar works « recasts history and global politics of black resistance ». From Louis Vuitton Foundation, Empire to SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion, Viktor’s work is taking over. Mainly auto-portraits, you can feel his marvellous sense of style.


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SassyChic Boutique, Fashion Designer

 Eclectic, sober, classic, Sassy Chic did not go to a fashion school. She just did it. She started her business less than two years ago. But you can’t visit Dakar without seeing or hearing her work. Sassy chic is a brand for chic women.


Papi, Visual Artist and Fashion Designer

One of the most prolific creative face of Dakar, Art of Papi is the person behind @dakarlives. As a « compulsive » entrepreneur, he always creates projects. He was recently modeling for GQ, did an artist talk for Facebook, his paintings bought by the King of Morocco. Last but not least, his brand @mwami is taking over.


Koko, Fashion Designer

Edgy traditional fashion, that’s what Koko clothing brand is. Her style reflects her persona. She is elusive.



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Abdoulaye Diallo, Painter

For over 40 years, Mister Diallo has been working in the Telecommunication field. 5 years ago, he decided to try making art. Since then we call him @lebergerdeliledengor. His paintings are huge, they have powerful local narratives. We can see an inspiration of Salvador Dali.

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Sidy Mouhamed Kandji, Photographer

Looking at SM Kandji’s work is so relaxing that it is acceptable to call it visual poetry. Creative Director in an advertising company in Dakar, he also collaborates with local and international brands.


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Milcos Badji, Fashion Designer

Elhadji Malick Badji have a diploma in software engineering. In 2012, he founded an information website called Peuple Senegalais. Around the same period he created his lifestyle brand « Nio Far ». Mainly Bogolan and Lenin, the brand make shoes, clothes and bags.


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Mamy Tall, Architect


Fresh wave of the architecture scene in Dakar, Mamy is an already renowned creative. She is also involved in creative direction and interior design. Artists and Multinationals trust her skills. She has collaborated with Senegalese rapper, Nix and some multinationals for architecture and interior design project.


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Selly Raby Kane, Fashion Designer

Beyonce, Ikea, Design Indaba.Selly Raby Kane’s costumers are global. Born and raised in the Senegalese capital, Selly studied at French fashion business school Mod’Spé in Paris. She is unstoppable. Visual Art, Film, Fashion, VR, Designs…She expresses herself in different ways.


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Khadija Ba, Fashion Designer

Featured recently on CNN, Khadija Ba becomes popular through her reinterpretation of the traditional “Boubous” of her grandparents. From the Al Pulhar tribe, she pulled out her inspiration from the nostalgia of her grandparents time. Her brand L’Artisane is not unfamiliar in the fashion world.



Prince Da Silvio Bizenga, Photographer and Filmmaker

Bizenga is a multi-talented young creative from a Congolese dad and an angolese mother. He came to Senegal for studies in Physics. He has worked with brands like Tongoro, Adama Paris, Cbeao, Sophie Zinga. He is one of the most active fashion photographers in Dakar.


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Sophie Zinga, Fashion Designer

Amazing work does not need promotion. Sophie’s work has quality and finesse. She dresses many women working with multinationals and international institutions. She studied at the prestigious school of design, Parsons. She has been featured on Elle, Vogue, RFI etc


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Ousmane Mbaye, Designer

Minimalist, colourful, simple, accessible, easy to fall in love, that’s what is Ousmane’s furniture designs. In Ivory Coast, mbaye is a star. His pieces are sold in Europe, America, Asia. He owns a shop in Medina (Senegal). When the French President Macron was visiting Senegal in February 2018, he gave the President’s wife, Brigitte Macron a tour of mythic Medina and his studio.


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Sarah Diouf, Fashion Designer

Do you feel like Michelle Obama? If yes, you definitely need to cop a dress from “Tongoro”. About a year ago, Sarah decided to come back to Senegal after many years abroad. France, Ivory Coast, United States of America. Lagos Fashion week, Beyonce, Vogue… you named it!


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Khady Niang, Make-Up Artist

Award-winning, certified and celebrity make-up artist, Khady Niang is the “go-to” for advertising, fashion shows, films and high-class weddings. She also does masterclass.


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