African Fashion Foundation Launches RECYCLE, REWORK, REUSE Project 2021.

    African fashion foundation is proud to announce the launch of RECYCLE, REWORK REUSE – A fashion sustainability project to address the issue of fashion waste and how to create sustainable product life cycles.

To further AFF’s ambition to encourage a rethink of circular economy as well as collaboration amongst other African fashion bodies, the project aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits in Africa. ‘With over 70% of the world’s waste being dumped on the shores of Africa, the issue of fashion waste and Africa is one that needs addressing and rethinking.

Pepper Row from NIGERIA, Samuel Oteng from GHANA, MALIKO from NIGERIA and Maison Detta from SENEGAL are the brands engaged in developing the collection using clothing and products from local 2nd hand clothing markets in their various countries.

Working with West African digital creator BALM LABS on avatar creations, the entire documented collection will be shown as a 3D look book, presented by AFF founder Roberta Annan as part of her Workshop / Seminar at the SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION – Accelerating Sustainability in fashion, clothing and textiles conference – a partner event of the UN to celebrate the International Year of Creative Economy and sustainable development.

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