Backstage with Adama Paris at Lagos Fashion Week 2018

Every fashion week has its own rising actions and the memorable designers or designs on the ramp we can’t ignore.
Adama Amanda Ndiaye is a Senegalese fashion designer and the brand Name Adama Paris.

Her undoubtedly sense of style and uniqueness, Adama Paris has grown to become one of Senegal’s Household Brands in the fashion Scene.

Not all blacks signify sadness when Adama decided to put her aesthetics to unify her fabric source. Adama Showcased an ALL BLACK capsule collection for her people of decent.

Piece made out out “Bazin” an african fabric by Daniel Hechter who made it look like leather.She calls it her vegan leather because It’s is perfect for our hot wheater in africa.

 Having to follow her work for quiet sometime and meeting her this year at fashion week was just a phenomenal moment . I had the opportunity  to see the pieces before the ramp . With Adama’s eye for creating contemporary wears, her show was one of the highlighted shows this year at Lagos Fashion Week 2018. The only show that had all black pieces on the ramp and of course her exaggerated earrings and wooden were just was a show of a kind . Says NUEL BANS ”

A glimpse of Adama backstage at Lagos fashion week