Highlight of Jason Jermaine from Lagos Fashion Week 2018

One of the very amazing things about fashion week is to spot new talents, trends, designs and of course networking opportunity.

Our  editor Nuel Bans  took a 60 minutes flight from Ghana to Nigeria this season to see what was going down out there and exclusively cover 3 fashion designers of which Jason Jermaine of Jermaine bleu is inclusive and not only did we find one of the most well-dressed populations we’ve ever seen in attendance at the shows but also talented designers in Africa

Jason Jermaine showcased for the first time at Lagos fashion week as a finalist for the fashion focus talent.

His collection was incredibly dynamic and varied selection of labels, all vying for dominance in an emerging fast fashion market.

Nuel bans had an exclusive interview and preview to Jason Jermaine’s collection before Jermaine bleu’s showcase at this year’s Lagos fashion week and this is what he had to say

I was very excited when saw his collection and his inspiration. He had a vision and story and infused them in this collection homecoming. This to me was such inspirational to be reckoned with .i saw the audience reaction. I felt it!!!

Jermaine bleu who happens to be a part of fashion focus talent showcased a different variety of clothing’s on the ramp themed homecoming. Speaking with the young designer backstage, he explained his collection as The Spring Summer 19 collection was inspired by the beauty and freedom of youth. A freedom creative director didn’t feel when growing up in the conservative country. A freedom that members of the society bullied him into thinking was shameful.

This collection is named homecoming because it’s a celebration of youth and the freedoms and joys it comes with. Freedoms and joys that will not be stifled by society.

One of the few astonishing things about his collection was the colour pallet that was chosen for the homecoming collection and his attention to details was just phenomenal. His showcase was just pleasing to watch. Each piece was beautifully crafted and well finished.

Following his success at the recent defile, The Brand Jermaine Bleu has cemented its spot in the west African fashion scene

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