The Chale Wote Street Art Festival [also known as Chale Wote is an alternative platform that brings art, music, dance and performance out into the streets. The festival targets exchanges between scores of local and international artists and patrons by creating and appreciating art together.

Since 2011, CHALE WOTE has included street painting, graffiti murals, photography, theater, spoken word, interactive art installations, live street performances, extreme sports, film shows, a fashion parade, a music block party, recyclable design workshops and much more. It is the first to be organized in Accra, Ghana and has inspired similar events across the country. There have been four editions so far; the first two ran for one day each, while the 2013 and 2014 edition ran concurrently for two days, the former in September and the latter in August, a week after the Homowo festival of the Ga people at the historical Jamestown, Ghana on the High Street in Accra. The event is produced by Accra [dot] Alt Radio, with support from other local cultural networks like Attukwei Art Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Art Ghana, Dr. Monk, Redd Kat Pictures and the Institut français in Ghana.


It has been yet another year of chalewote street art festival with lots of fun thrilling moment. The 5TH EDITION  which was themed African Electronics brought artists across Ghana and beyond to showcase their artifacts  during the Event. Over 2000 Art enthusiasts patrons   were present at the event to Celebrate African arts,music,dance and  Fashion.

Chale wote 2015 was Exciting and epic ,the display of different artistic visuals and creative  concepts were over the top and every individual who showed up had felt  something   passionate about the memories that will continue to remain in their thoughts .ART IS AN EVERYUDAY PART OF LIFE…. Our cameras were there to capture some moments.

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