Denim x Retro Style Balmain ss17 Collection At Paris Fashion Week.

Denim x Retro style.  The revolution of Balmain did not include the Balmain Angels ?Well the absence of the Balmain  angels never stole a moment from the show .  Oliver Rousteing took us back to our closets to restyle those cocaine Denims and Bold colours. Could Kanye West be the inspiration behind the Metalic Demin Collection following what he wore at the Met Gala 2016.

Over 79 designs were showcased at the Balmain Paris fashion week with Models of colours with great edgy Looks. Asian ,African American and African .Well I find the collection intense and intriguing … A three Piece denim Outfit? Well Balmain fans where is a not ready for a fearless mash-up   collection which  includes artistic necklaces , bold metallic denim jackets , boots , kimono , capes , knitted dresses as usual and Bag packs.

The collection also employs a bold colour combo of looks that graced the runway .balmain fans gets the   sense that the burning ambition and commitment that we see in Oliver  isn’t necessarily a product of his own self-confidence—but of his desire to deliver a wearable form of that greatest of 21st-century assets to others since 2013.

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