Growing Healthy Beard With Coconut Oil


One of the greatest things about supplying men with the tools they need to turn their beard into a masterpiece is watching the progression from ‘meh’ to ‘mesmerizing’. I can go on and on about the benefits of having a beard-I mean a healthy beard, you look as manly as it gets, your girlfriend or wife has something to fiddle with when  cuddling, that inner feeling that your unborn child will get good hair genes, all the attention you get. You know u already half dressed with ‘za-beard’…if you inspired one way or the other to sport a beard or u already started, say hallelujah for this.



Bruises, kinky hair, swollen face, broken heart (lol) coconut oil fixes everything…yes everything. It is unfortunate the way we underestimate the powers of it. No shave November, beard oils etc. all of that works, they actually do but u know coconut oil works too???am gonna tell you why we need to make a fuss about coconut oil and why we need to care about this cheap product and how it’s important to beard growth and grooming.

First I need you to know that coconut oil is an essential oil for making all them beard oils. If this oils actually do work even in their refined state, how about using one of the most important ingredients in its natural form. Think about it…it’s inexpensive, readily available and easy to use.

Coconut oil has conditioning properties that makes beard roots softer and healthier. Due to the presence of lauric acid in it, it’s able to penetrate your skin more effectively. You can’t be sporting a kinky beard. That’s unattractive. Wifey or bae won’t want to fiddle that, it just won’t feel good or look good. If you worried about looking like china shoes after applying it, coconut oil is non greasy.


It revitalizes the facial hair, takes care of ingrowth and makes your facial hair shiny (not greasy!) and makes it more manageable. Even you would sleep off playing with your beard. Massage your skin when applying it, allowing it to sink into your skin, balance the natural moisture on your face and hydrate your skin.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the oil cleans the face. A clean hydrated skin is what is needed for hair to grow. You not just taking care of your beard but taking care of the skin underneath. For a crop to produce more yield, you don’t only take care of the plant but the soil from which it grows, that’s the source of everything.

Coconut oil can be bought in its liquid form or solidified. You can get its liquid form from any foodstuff shop, that woman behind your house that sells palm oil and cooking oil sells coconut oil! Or whenever wifey or babe is going to the market, ask her to do u a favour by getting u a bottle. The solidified form can be found in filing station shops, marts or any shop that sells body care products. It’s less expensive as compared to beard oils and u can skip all of that order online shipment procedures.


One more thing, good shaving techniques and procedures are necessary for good beard growth and like I said coconut oil fixes everything even your heartbreak. Before applying lathering product when you about shaving, apply coconut oil for some few minutes to soften your face and facial hair and ensure easy smooth shaving. It can be used as an alternative for shaving cream when you have ran out or in emergency cases. It adds extra lubricity to your skin and facial hair to enable blade glide easily on your face. It may be less comfortable than shaving cream but will get the job done especially if you have thick hair. Its healing properties enables it to be used as an aftershave. Say No To Razor Bumps.

Coconut oil has an excellent natural non-alcohol scent. Who doesn’t like the smell of coconut oil? If you gotta join the beard gang, join them with strong beautiful beard. Can I hear an amen


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