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FAMAS: Merging Music and Fashion

FAMAS: Merging Music and Fashion

Famas Ivorian musician merging music and fashion

Heavily inspired by fashion designers Nackissa, Loza Maleombho, Elie Kuame, Gilles Touré, Ibrahim Fernandez and Olooh concept – to name a few – Ivorain musician Famas seeks to showcase African culture, tradition and identity through his discography.

Famas | Nackissa and Loza Maleombho inspired look.

His artistic identity as the street boy Noussi, in his hit single I Yêrê Kalon, is inspired by the Oliver-Twist-like underdog archetype, with dashes of Nackissa and Loza Maleombho’s design influence in his persona’s style.

Famas | Nackissa and Loza Maleombho inspired look
Famas | ELIE KUAME & MEDHY DIAWARA inspired look.

Famas plans to collaborate with local and international artists in the coming years, and help other music lovers form a community around the stories and songs he crafts.

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Photographer: The GHOST
Artistic Direction: Patrick Edooard


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