10 Fashion Styles You Should Know


Fashion is ever evolving. New fashion styles are regularly popping up and people are finding creative ways to express themselves whilst being aesthetic. 

Admittedly, it sometimes gets overwhelming to choose the fashion style that best suits you.

Here are 10 of the popular fashion styles you can draw inspiration from and help you curate your wardrobe.


Street Style 

This clothing style speaks to its name – street. Unlike other fashion styles born in high-end studios or on the runway, street style fashion heavily draws inspiration from the street and is heavily influenced by hip hop, skateboarding culture, social media, and other popular youth cultures.

This style gives you the range to be unique and express your individuality. Combine cultures, be casual, be youthful and create a whole new unique, and different style.


Vintage Style 

Vintage clothing style gives life to the saying “old is gold”. This style heavily draws inspirations that reflect the fashion style and trend of another era (20 – 100 years old). Vintage dressing gives that unique, timeless, and sophisticated look that makes you feel like a character from a 90s movie. 

Draw inspiration from fashions of the past and upgrade your wardrobe to include a vintage style that fits your personality. 


Formal Style

Formal clothing style is the applicable dress code for an event such as weddings, formal business meetings, etc. Formal dressing clothing codes are determined by the authorities of the ceremony or place. Simply put, dress to suit the occasion. Use the appropriate upper and bottom wear as well as the necessary accessories.  

Don’t forget, that this style may be dependent on the place you find yourself. Formal clothing in Britain can be different in China. 


Bohemian Style

If you are looking to break away from the conventional way of dressing, then this is the style for you. Also known as Boho, this fashion style gives you the freedom to explore vibrant colors, eye-grabbing prints, and junk jewellery.

This style is all about achieving that free and relaxed look – flowy dress, head-bands or hats, belts, scarves open-toed sandals, and handmade or junk jewellery.


Ethnic Style

This clothing style is unique to a particular group of people and their culture. It is inspired by the culture of where it originates from and celebrates culture and heritage. This clothing style makes use of distinctive patterns, colors, and fabrics. 

The dashiki, kaba and slit, are ethnic clothing associated with Africa as the khurta-pyjama or lehenga-choli is to Indians.

You can mix the ethnic clothing style with modern ideas for that fusion effect for a twist.


Sporty Style

Sporty Style is all about comfort.  Born in America and made trendy by hip-hop culture, this clothing style is typically associated with wearing clothing usually worn during athletic activities but has developed as a mainstream fashion.

This style offers you a wide range of combination options from which you can mix and match outfits of outfits to your taste.


Artsy Style 

Artsy archetype speaks uniqueness, individualism, and standing out from the crowd. Artsy clothing style involves the distinctive use of handmade, artistic pieces that are one of a kind which gives off unusual silhouettes of unusual shapes, making you stand out.

The beauty of this style? Ultimate freedom to be artistic with your wardrobe combination – be dramatic, and natural, with an essence of high-spiritedness.


Gothic Style

Dark makeup, black hair and nails, and thick-layered makeup is usually our first thought when we hear or think Goth. Though these are the foundation of the Goth style, it has grown to see the infusion of different hair trends and makeup shades in recent years.

Generally characterized by dark, homogenous, and antiquated features, this clothing style allows you to be very dramatic and expressive with your outfits and accessories giving you that mysterious, spooky, and ghoulish look.


Casual Style

Beauty is pain but it definitely isn’t when you go casual. This clothing style allows you to be practical, free, and comfy whiles being stylish every day. Then this is the style for you. Casual clothing style is the perfect style for going about your daily activities. The key to this clothing style is to choose outfits that are functional and suits informal occasions and above make you feel comfortable. 


Biker Style

Leather jackets, denim pants, bandanas, shades, and boots will definitely make you stand out in a crowd and that is what the biker clothing style does! Biker clothing style gives you that authentic and unique vibe with a touch of casual yet flashy, glamorous, and versatile touch. Don’t forget to accessorize with chains, bracelets, and rings. And oh you don’t have to own a motorbike to go for this look.


There are many more types of fashion styles which you can choose from. However, fashion is an expression of one’s self so you can be revolutionary and create your own style that suits your personality.


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