Its Fashion Week In Ghana Bliss Or A Curse ?

The buzz of Two separate fashion weeks scheduled for the same date has being a trending topic  on social media for some days which fashion enthusiast will not stop discussing and expressing their discontent towards this act .

The evolving of many fashion weeks in Ghana should be a blessing meaning ‘Different platforms for Designers to showcase ‘ but these has turn out to be more of a catastrophe where two fashion weeks are scheduled for the same date in a year just like the previous year which was accepted to be a mistake but rather turned out to be a deliberate action following this year’s action as seen below . Two great platforms but why the same date ?

Unfortunately , this  led  the two shows in 2016 less patronized than anticipated  since designers , models , bloggers and Editors would have to make a choice on which of the shows to attend and low patronage of the event . However, history has repeated  itself ! The two shows have been slated for same date this year . Could this be a battle of supremacy or an act of sabotage?

According to our sources , Accra Fashion Week MADE a debut with their date before Glitz Africa Fashion Week . This is One Of the notorious action ever! Without withstanding the fact that Stakeholders in the fashion industry would have to struggle on which show to attend and elevating pressure especially on models , media personalities on which shows to cover at a time and Companies sitting on a fence as to which event is legible enough to be sponsored .

Fashion Stakeholders are highly aware of the fact that both events will be in favor of the fashion industry However , there is a need of  change in date of one fashion week in other to make way for the other for a different date and  have a well structured and easy flow of fashion weeks in Ghana .

  1. I think one of the dates should be changed as well, so that stakeholders would not have to choose between the two.

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