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PASSPORT OR INVITES TO THE SELECTED SHOWS :To start with, even if you’re not a blogger, designer, press, buyer or marketer, you can still attend  a Fashion Week if only you have purchase your invites or passport . Anyone can go along with their camera, snapping stylish people, taking notes and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the bloggers, press, journalists and models walking from here to there. If you’re a new blogger, go along with your camera and get snapping.

CAMERA :Capturing the best moment during the fashion season a standard quality camera is need of you would like to  do fashion photography, camera can be use to take notes or pictures  of well detailed garments  for your blog. Tuck this into your bag for when you want to take photographs of the surroundings, fashionable people, or the models on the catwalk.

IPHONE5S 6 / IPAD  : for your live updates ,  you need to have a phone with a good image quality to take well detailed images of garments on the runway and also give live updates on your social media platform. You can also consider adding a touch of style to your gadgets .

SUNGLASS :  A pair of sunglasses could be an amazing accessory to mush up your look To avoid straining your eyes from seeing, you must consider adding some pair of Sunglasses to Your look for a better and  self-comfortability  .Most often fashion weeks comes with lots of flashing lights that pounce on the runway and the guest ,These could  prevent uv damage

AGENDA / SKETCH PAD: As a blogger or a Fashion illustrator, Your Sketch pad or Note pad is your essential pick-ups for a fashion event, this will aid the individual to put jot down some specific information about a collection or make some live sketches from the Runway Show.

MAKE UP KIT:  It was advisable to wear cool ,breezy and Easy make up during fashion week Because during this season ,One might not have the whole time in the world to put up an avant-garde make up therefore keep it extremely simple and classy will need a lil MAKE UP KIT   which wil aide you to freshen up before the next subsequent shows ahead.

DETOX BOTTLE: Detox water drinks keep your metabolism running quickly and keep your body clean of toxins. Detox water drinks have been known to either keep a few pounds off of women or actually help them lose weight but during fashion seasons detox bottles are essential to prevent you from dehydrating and also missing any of the shows

CLUTCH FILE BAGS AND BAG PACKS; Most fashion weeks essentials can cause discomfort to the individual when the are often held in the palms or kept in pockets. A reasonable bag pack size or clutches can aide by harboring most of the things you might need during the fashion week. ( Fashion Week Essentials )

SELFIE \STICK: finally this might not be considered as an essential kit but one can however consider it as a personal gadget for all your group selfies.

WHAT TO WEAR: You also have to make an effort and show that you have an interest and understanding of the fashion industry and current trends. Everyone loves to make a big effort for Fashion Week, buying new shoes, new bags and the latest pieces, as it really is the best excuse to go shopping. But don’t go spending a fortune on pieces you won’t wear again.

Here are a few items I would recommend wearing and taking with you:


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