With 1 billion users accessing Instagram every month and 200 million patronizing business profiles every day, brands have a lot of potentials to grow their sales through Instagram. In recent years, e-commerce has evolved from a standalone application to one that is integrated into social media channels. The integration of these tools has made direct-to-consumer shopping easy, allowing brands to interact with their consumers directly without the intervention of a third party. Through social media channels integrating this into their systems, the direct-to-consumer channel is becoming more interactive and others have more opportunities to participate. In the age of social media, content creators and influencers have come into their own as marketing and advertising tools that reach a broader audience than traditional promotions. In this process, brands have a lot of control over every step of the marketing process. Companies and brands in the fashion industry should therefore leverage this opportunity to meet consumers’ needs, interact with them, and market products to them. 


Instagram shopping features

Instagram shopping helps discover and offer products from a wide range of brands and creators. Regular updates and new features are added frequently. Brands need to stay relevant to consumers and industries by adapting to trends and integrating new features into their strategies. There are many ways to shop on Instagram, from tapping product tags and saving items on wish lists to buying directly with checkout.


  • Product tags in posts.

Businesses can link specific items in posts or stories directly to their websites and you can tap on the post to see information like the product name and price.

  • Checkout

Checkout lets brands without great mobile interfaces convert customers directly through Instagram, reducing the risk of drop-off from a frustrating mobile platform.


  • Buy on Instagram.

You can now check out with Facebook Pay by clicking the “Buy on Instagram” button. The Purchase Protection Policy provides coverage for eligible items and helps secure the storage of payment information.


  • Buy on Video Content

Tag product names, prices, and direct checkout on video content with this feature.


Guide to setting up a Shoppable Instagram Account for your fashion brand.

Step 1: Confirm eligibility

Step 2: Convert to a business account

Step 3: Connect your Facebook Page

Step 4: Upload a product catalog

Step 5: Complete account review

Step 6: Turn on Shopping

Step 7: Make content actionable

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