From The Best Dressed To The Outlandish Look from Ghana Movie Awards 2016

Last night was one of the biggest night in the Ghanaian movie industry …Ghana movie Awards 2016 ( GMA) . BUT BEFORE We CONTINUE The REVIEW , The Ghanaian fashion industry is losing it’s creativity to mediocrity and ignorance . What happened to our Sense of Creativity? This question has been unanswered for Some years. Our designers are blindly copying the western style of dressing on the red-carpet!

Back to the review, Last night was just 3 words Tacky , Outlandish and Drag!  Some of the celebrities looked like they were pinned into the dress while others did a throwback to Scary Halloween. It’s a Shame That, Ghanaian Celebrities Will ignore the patronage of Ghanaian Designers and pay a huge amount of Money to foreign designers and still be in debt  . While the only patronise Ghanaian designers if only its Free. Well not to bore you with long talks .


Jackie Appiah 


NB – Well I simply adore this jumpsuit with   A the train . Not So many colours going on there . Just classy and stylishly Safe .

Mz S – she looks Gorgeous! Her outfit fits her like a glove .Her smile is radiant. Definitely one of the best dressed

Ch . U – I hate the train

Selly Galley


Ch . U – Although I’m tired of seeing long dresses with wedding trains . This one is my Fav But I know the clutch is Gold .

N.B – I love the off shoulder open front kinda bustier very creative and daring But the train was just useless and not interesting . It would have been a beautiful dress without it . It’s just awful with it

Mz . S   I strongly dislike this dress from the back. My village chief called, he wants the mosquito nets donated to his village back so can she please remove them from her dress and return them to the rightful owner. Her makeup looks better in this picture than in others I saw of her . IDK how I feel about the hair but the excess baggage on the bottom of her dress needs to go.

Zynell Zuh


Mz . S – This look was so many shades of wrong! She looks like she is being suffocated by that choker or if she moves her neck it will snap. The dress has too much going on! It is sheer, the stringy things on the waist and the ruffles at the bottom was a bit too much to put on one dress.

N.B OMG Zynell !  I clearly understood how elegant she wanted to look but it’s overly done ! She looked a mess . Beautiful fabric and great choice of nude for her skin tone but Not  the net embellishment ! The waist one would have been better than the net . The hair , Ponytail wasn’t it the best ! She lost her edges  . But how can you wear a dress like the NDC manifesto and use some PPP Manifesto as a choker ?  The whole look could have been Better !

CH . U – WtF kind of hairstyle is this?!This is a terrible dress!

Moesha Boduong


MZ . S – I like this look on Moesha. She pulled off this risky outfit very well.Hair and makeup on point but that clutch needs to go. It doesn’t do anything for this outfit.

N B –  The dress was  revealing but for a lady like her I will pardon here But not the clutch ! That’s Soo 2014 ! No one uses that lately . She should have gone for something simpler! NB Next Time Tape your boobs to a right posture if you are considering such an outfit !

CH . U – This purse is tired ! Everyone must not carry it . Zynell has carried it , Nana Akua has carried it . It’s tired.WTF kinda posture is this ?!




N.B One of my fav from the night . Gown by TotallyEthnik .Just beautiful and elegant Fabric . No stress just Stunning .

Mz . S Simply and classy! This is beautiful

Ch . U She did it on them ! Classy and Simple .

Joselyn Dumah


CH . U –   I’m not understanding the satin wrap ooh tear it off ! The dress looks beautiful without it !

N.B –  Just strip the creased cheap satin off ! When you allow your ego to Run you ! Same look all the time . This is her  in 2014  hosting Vgma ? . Pass on to the next !

MZ . S – Nice hair and makeup. The dress would have been fine without the satin material over it. That thing looks cheap and unplanned.

Anita Erskine


N.B – Overlapping Boobs oops ? The dress is beautiful But Makeup and Hair was Soo Wrong !  Hair was too just too flat ! Making her forehead overly exposed ! She can do better !

Mz S – The boobs look flat at the bottom and over heaped at the top. It was like she has to wear the dress by fire by force so whether it fit nicely or not was irrelevant to her. I think the hair does nothing nice for this outfit as well.

Ch.U – So Anita Erskin , is my role model I love her, I wanna be like her when I grow up but the stylist must be fired for attempting her expose her bosom area . I mean it’s tight around the boobs. The boobs probably suffocating



N.B  CHARMING ! Yes yes yes ! Come through maame. I love every bit of this stunning look. Pearly fringes and velvet Bodice was just Elegant . Simply stylish and a matured approach to style .Dress , Hair ,nails and accessories ?

Mz .S  – This i love! Black beauty! Everything on point!

Ch . U – Simply Matured Haimakeupup and home trained material Ajebo 100 yards .


Victoria Michaels


N. B This is classical but have a lot going on in a look and I’m tired of seeing this hairstyle all the time ,You ain’t a man Make a switch Dear .

Mz S You know that saying that too many hands spoil the soup, well this is a classic example of that. There is too much going on. The choker cape, belt, cleavage and slit is all too much so it is not flattering at all


Christable Ekeh 


Mz . U – Christabel Ekeh looked like a big joke! I have no words for this. NEXT!!

N.B – Its Just sad That she is losing her Sense of style . She just looked like the background ?. NEXT PLEASE !

Ch .u – Queen of coast ! The accessories spoiled It

Priscilla  Opoku Agyeman


Mz .S – Ahuofe Patri’s makeup artist messed up big time! The outfit is nice and a different look from what we usually see her in.

N.B   Seriously the feathers thing didn’t work at all ! She looked 60 and the Hair style did not complement  her dress … Aka granny tryna look sexy .

Nana Akua


N.B – Stunning ! From the Neckline to the last stitch of the knee length .Dear Kempinski cleaner , But what was going On with this net drapes Everywhere ! It wasn’t necessary ! Was that the theme ? Can we have something else ? Please NEXT

Mz . S The fishermen called ooh,he said he wants his net back ! The makeup is nice but the dress was just unnecessary long ! But then again is nana Akua we get it ! The dress looked like she is trying too hard to impress. So instead of been effortless, it looks some way bi .



Ch .U Becca dress is like jasmine in  Aladin the cartoon wife ??? .

N . B I think she bought this outfit in Dubai , Deira Market during her last visit ??. I personally understood her statement but the big question was why she was she looking all shiny and golden like she just crawled from a pit of Gold .

Mz . S I don’t know what look this is meant to be but it is a no. She looks like she wanted to audition for the position as head vixen in Rihanna’s diamonds video and the only requirement was come dressed as a highlighter or better still try to shine brighter than people’s destinies.

Harold Amenya


N.B Good Posture ! Choice of Suit colour is on point but the tuxedo looks pinned on him .

Mz .S Not bad. Like the colour.. he looked good

Van Vicker


MZ S  – I have always wondered where this trend of sunglasses indoors and at night came from.. anyway he looks good but i  feel like we have seen this look on Van so many times.

N . B –  I wasn’t surprised at all  . All he needed last night was a bride and a pastor to have a white wedding at the GMA

Well we have shared our honest opinion . You can  leave  a comment too.

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