Ghanaian Fashion Brand Nuna Couture Represents Ghana At Learn To Re-Create 2016 in United Kingdom

nathaniel-nunooAn energetic fresh minded and trendsetting designer in his late 20s is the ultimate dynamite representing Ghana at the ongoing Learn to Re-create Fashion Business Incubator Programme which taking place in the UK (United Kingdom). The program is designed for practitioners within the Fashion Sector who are mid-career professionals to build their capacity to operate efficiently and effectively in a competitive sector that has a strong international market.

Out of 6 Applicants for this year’s entries , Nathaniel came out as the only qualified candidates to represent Ghana .



I’m grateful and privileged to be a beneficiary of this program which is fully funded by the commonwealth scholarship commission and the department for international development.

“This experience has been overwhelmingly good”

Now with a global perspective and meeting with key players in the industry and networking with them has broadened my horizon to help build my brand and country. Watch out for New, refreshing and inspiring collections from Nuna couture. Fashion talks all over Ghana .          

With a two-year-old daughter “JADA”.  love art, music, and movies. Growing up he wanted to be a cartoonist at the times of Zingaro And Akroma but in O’Reilly Senior High School freeze wear took over the cartoonist idea.

Though he loves to draw, His freeze wear  T- shirt line became very popular and this solidified his interest in fashion. You might wonder as someone from a background where his grandparents were into sewing for generations he should at least play around with seeing machines as a kid but surprisingly he didn’t  because he was busy forming imaginary cartoon characters .

After freeze wear In 2013 ,Nathaniel  decided to intern with   MKOGH, where he met and got inspired by Mawuli Kofi into getting an HND in fashion and marketing at the Takoradi Polytechnic, Nuna couture made its debut appearance on the RAMP at Takoradi and  since then he have  shown at stages and big platforms  in 2009 Dagomba and Cocktail up in 2010. The name Nuna couture was picked when I was at MKOGH IT’S THE combination of my first and last name Nunoo and Nathaniel . So far Nuna couture can boast of four(4) collections to its name and is still counting the coin bag in 2012 Sahara sunrise “the palette association in 2013 and fly over and bold pastel in 2014. As a lover of music, art, and architecture

However ,The designer draws his inspiration from his  lifestyle , A lot of  inspiration comes from there when ideas are springing for a New collection. Nuna Couture stands out among all others due to his  attention to details  quality standards and PURE ORGASMIC luxury.

I believe that simply is complicated refined.

His Brand is notable for its Prete- A- Porte which employs simple clean lines and patterns to create sophisticated garments. Nathaniel believes in the saying that “if you can’t make it good at least make it look good”.



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